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SUPREMELY UNIMPRESSED: Expensive shipping, bogus p

My first purchase from them arrived quickly. $60 for shipping express is the most I have ever paid.

The pills, a common ED product, were completely inert.

I ordered 240 tablets and 180 were delivered.

I am currently awaiting a replacement shipment with what I hope is a working product.

I am not impressed with the operations of All Day Chemist thus far.

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October 15, 2015
I can't understand why this pharmacy has so many great reviews? And once in a while I see someone complaining about it. How is one to tell?
October 26, 2015
So I ordered from ReliableRX, which is the same company as Alldaychemist (just under a different banner). It's the same fulfillment when you call. First I ordered 20 mg tadalafil products of Tadalis and Ceebis. Both inert. To their credit, customer service was very friendly, no hassle and quickly shipped out replacements of Forzest (20mg) and Modula (5mg). The Modula was inert. The Forzest was the only product with an ingredient. It was noticeably weak and lasted several hours but not the approx. 48 that Tadalafil lasts me. So it may have been a different ingredient. Anyway, there appear to be MAJOR quality issues of some sort on the supply side. I'll give them one last shot to get this right with another brand--perhaps by cipla--if they would like to. Will try to report back on final outcome. Will be happy to give them credit if they get it right! But clearly something is in deep need of improvement if I'm rejecting 4 different brands. That would be utterly unheard of in the U.S.

The thing that confuses me is that they must know people are complaining about the product/batch, so why do they keep shipping it? I hate to reject a product they shipped to get to me, but why don't they just ship a batch folks aren't complaining about??
2 results - showing 1 - 2