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So, I have an order in progress. I ordered from ReliableRX, which is same company as ADC, just under different banner. Actually I think ADC has slightly better pricing and is the better option. Ordered 20 mg of tadalafil products (Tadalis and Ceebis). Both were shipped quickly and were professionally packaged but products were inert (i.e., no effect). I consider that a major failure when not 1 but 2 products are totally unsatisfactory. Customer service was very friendly and promptly OK'd replacements. I asked which brand/batch would work best but they offered no guidance. I ended up with replacements of Forzest and Modula, which they shipped very quickly. The Modula was inert. The Forzest had something in it but the effect was weak and lasted only several hours, as opposed to the approx. 48 hrs brand Cialis typically lasts for me. I plan to give them one more chance--if they'd like-- to ship a product, perhaps Tadacip, that contains what it purports to contain --and works. Fortunately I have the real thing, so I know what to expect. I'll be happy to give them credit if they can get it right. But there appear to be *MAJOR* supply issues of some sort at this time and something needs to improve.

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November 05, 2015
As mentioned above, had some genuine issues with generic cialis from ADC-tried 4 different brands-- but at least ADC was fair about a refund. ADC's logistics and customer service are professional but I think there may be some supply or quality control issues that need to get ironed out at this time (at least on the generic cialis med's).
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