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Pros: Fast delivery

I ordered Roaccutane and received it within 8 days after I had paid $45 (35 for the medication and 10 for shipping) through VeriPayment for 30 x 20 mg. The medication was shipped from Istanbul, Turkey on the day of the order. The shipping was surprisingly fast! So, kudos to Aurapharm.

The packaging came in one of those bubble-wrap filled envelope that was enclosed in a bigger envelope. Inside the envelope was the medication as well as the (flattened) original Roaccutane box. The thing *looks* authentic and like the ones that I had when I was on the medication previously. The instructions on the blister packaging are in Turkish ("Roaccutane 20 mg yumusak jelatin kapsul Isotretinoin") with a smattering of English ("Pregnancy forbidden! Risk of malformation!"). I think the medication is manufactured in Switzerland (?) but I am not sure as I can't read Turkish.

Cons: Poor customer service

Customer service is a little slow and so-so. It took three emails before they replied to my inquiries about the shipping (I wanted the tracking number which they never gave). Even so, the replies were sporadic. I kept bugging them for the tracking number but gave up in the end. Don't bank on getting prompt replies.

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