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I am a long time customer of, I know the is not the same company which is where I think the problem is with the bad reviews. is awesome. Real pills, great customer service, and a fair price. I wish they gave volume discounts though ;). I cannot recommend them enough. I am so glad I don't have to go to a regular doctor who does not know much about ED, will ask only a few questions about my health, and will likely humiliate me in their lobby. Thank God for

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April 21, 2014
I just had to comment because this is exactly my issue. I go to my doctor’s office and I have to go to the reception window. The girl then asks what I am there for and I say I want to see Dr. XXX. She then asks “what is the reason for your visit”? I say in a low voice that I want to talk to him about Viagra. She then says in a voice just loud enough for the whole lobby to hear “so you are having a problem with erectile dysfunction”? I asked her in a low voice why she had to tell everybody I the lobby what I was there for. She then told me that she just needs to pass on the correct information to the doctor. Again in a very audible voice she asks “so you are suffering erectile dysfunction”? I yell yes and she looks angry, so I take my seat amongst everybody who just sat in on our conversation and watch them look at me while they sniffle with their colds. Kiwkmed is a better way! I will save the office for; I am here for a checkup, can I get in today?
1 results - showing 1 - 1