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Planet Drugs Direct is superb! One of several websites operated by Coastal Canada Pharmacy Inc. (they all list similar addresses in British Columbia), but this one also lists an address in Houston, TX, and gives free first-class mail delivery on purchases. Planet Drugs Direct has an enormous selection of brand and generic products, some OTC and others requiring a prescription. Their website was easy to use, inspired confidence, and there were no hidden charges. I placed an order for sildenafil citrate (generic Viagra) and uploaded a digital photo of my prescription to their website (fax was an option as well). I received email confirmations when I ordered, again when I uploaded the scrip, and again 6 days later when they shipped the medicine, telling me to expect it in about 15 business days.

Like clockwork, 15 business days later (20 business days after placing the order), I received the unregistered, discreetly-packed medicine in my mailbox. The "generic Viagra" turned out to be the common brand Silagra, which is manufactured by Cipla Ltd. of India. Each box contained 4 strips of 4 tablets, and a standard informational insert. See the pictures I posted on photobucket, under my username "mks-magician".

The oval, violet-colored Silagra pills were scored, making them easy to break in half, and had the familiar bitter taste of sildenafil citrate. And they seemed just as effective and potent as genuine brand-Viagra. But at only one-tenth the price I'd have to pay for brand Viagra. This place had really low prices! I had previously obtained "Suhagra" brand pills elsewhere, which seemed less potent, and while they were marketed under the Cipla name, they were manufactured by someone else. The only visible difference was the color of the pills.

These Silagra brand pills from Planet Drugs Direct, though, seem great. I noticed that the blisterpack of the Suhagra included pricing in rupees, while the Silagra did not--my guess is that Silagra is an export product, while Suhagra is intended for the domestic (Indian) market.

No unexpected charges to my card and no junk email so far. Planet Drugs Direct was a perfect experience; I will definitely purchase refills and other medicines from them in the future, and I highly recommend them to you.

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August 24, 2013
Hello....i have been researching this company as a possible supplier for levocitrizine. After reading the reviews on this page i am convinced of three things. 1. Your company is making fake positive reviews. 2. You guys screw a lot of good innocent people. 3. Im glad im smart enough to not order from you bulshitters.

MKS-Magician??? You have tons of pictures on photobucket of pharmeceutical drugs for a bunch of different drug-ordering companies.

What is this world coming to?

1 results - showing 1 - 1