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I've used twice over the past two years. The first time I was supposedly dealing with a "Texas" based branch, the second time I dealt with the default Canadian one. The transactions were smooth and my doctor faxed the scripts in directly. The first time I ordered, I got the pills relatively quick (like they actually shipped out of Tx). The second time took about four weeks. However, the year gap between those orders had resulted in getting a different generic that wasn't as effective.

The first order came in a single box with all the blister packs. These were Venlafaxine 150mg XR. They were a yellow/clear pill labeled as VEN XR-150. Inside the pill were tiny spheres that filled it completely. These were VENLOR XR 150 by Cipla Pharma.

The second order came in three different boxes. These were Torrent "VenLift OD 150" pills. These are completely orange. They have the same tiny spheres that were in the VEN XR-150's, except they are half filled. These pills are made by Torrent but marketed by Cipla from what I can tell.

The first batch felt just like brand quality. Having used both brand Effexor 75mg and 150mg pills, I'm pretty accustomed to knowing the effects of the two dosages. The second batch definitely seems like a half dose. Whether the VEN XR-150's are just have more fillers, or the VENLIFT is in fact incorrectly filled, I don't know. I can tell the difference and will from now on request only VENLOR.

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