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Planet Drugs Direct is located in New Zealand, so if you have a problem, you can not speak to anyone with authority to do anything on a real time basis. They have message takers in the U.S. which will type up any complaints and email them the headquaters in New Zealand. Apart from the obvious problem of explaining a complicated problem by email, they only guarantee a turn around time of 48 hours which makes it difficult to have a conversation if you disagree with their reply.

Also, Planet Drugs substitutes generics or manufactured under license by the manufacturer in place of in place of items manufactured directly by the original drug company. For example, on their web site they advertise Effient as being manufactured by the original drug company, Daiichi -Sankyo and they charge as if the product was manufactured by Daiichi-Sankyo. What I received was a product called Parsita which is manufactured by an Indian company Ranbaxy. While Planet Drugs Direct does not sell Prasita, other online drug companies offer it as a substitute for the original and charge less than half what Planet Drugs charges.

Best to avoid this out of the mainstream and unscrupulous company.

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