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I ordered Singulair before going overseas and was told by the rep my meds may not arrive before my departure. I said that was OK, I'd just find them in my box when I returned 5 weeks later. There was still no medication in my box when I returned. When I called, they said my meds had been intercepted by the post office and they would reship. One month later, nothing. I call and it turns out they revoked my request for a reshipment via email!! THESE ARE ASTHMA MEDS< NOT CANDY!! and no one had the courtesy to call me and tell me they had not honored reshipment. As a result, I was waiting in good faith for one more month to receive med: nothing! I called and they told me my request had been revoked since I'd agreed to the "shipping risks." The shipping risks I agreed to were to not receive my meds IN TIME, not to NOT RECEIVE THEM AT ALL!! Planet Drugs sent me 2 emails saying essentially: too bad, we're taking your $90, here's $10 towards your next purchase!! I've spent hours on the phone w reps and can never get through to a cust servica agent, only get these infuriating emails saying thanks for writing, but still not honoring your reshipment. Two customer reps have now told me if the post office intercepted, I am entitled to a reshippment, but corporate renegs this promise, WHICH IS ALSO STATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THE ORIGINAL ORDER CONFIRMATION EMAIL!! Hence the title of this review: planet drugs: theives and liars! DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY, IF CUSTOMS or the USPS intercepts, your money will be lost, they will not replace!!

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