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good 1mg xanax but your data is NOT safe with them

I've ordered from this company once a year for 7 or 8 years now. Their 1mg xanax is good, but the 2mg stuff are total duds but I was given a refund on this order so that was okay. If ordering from these people I would make two recommendations that could save you a lot of grief further down the line though. First, buy a burner sim card to place your order, do not give them your personal phone number as they will ring you up every week and also give your number to numerous other pharmacies. Because of this I have so far had to block nuisance calls from the following numbers: +9854867011 / +8474514677 / +448000588062 / +442390448059 / +442390114790 / +2193272564 / +15162347770 / +14024087137 / +13033510441 / +12132260178 / +12129996015 / +12012152017

Secondly: Order by bank wire transfer or cancel your card shortly after making payment. They simply will not keep your card details safe. The last two times I have ordered my bank has had fraud payments taken from it. The first time it was just a £120 on phone top ups, the second time was much more scary though. They actually rang my phone provider reported my phone lost so they took over my mobile account to obtain security texts to gain access to my bank account!! The banks fraud protection systems picked up on this but I still cost me a couple of hours gaining access back to bothe my phone and then bank account. I suspect the case is that while the company may possibly be genuine they at the very least have rogue elements working for them.

The product and service is all pretty good, just don't give them your personal phone number and if you have to use a card for payment then assume it's security has been compromised and report it lost once your order has been dispatched.

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