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Slow & EXPENSIVE, but Excellent CS & Return to EU

I have used this IOP many years ago when they carried ONLY EU Meds. They have always been expensive! However, this is one of the very few Online Pharmacies who will either replace your order if you are unhappy or refund your money for same. That fact ALONE places them in the top 5% of decent IOPS. YES- You pay for it, but unlike many IOPs, if you complain about no shows, poor quality, etc. Medstore will make it right. Try that elsewhere and let me know how long they laugh before hanging up on you.

They went through a period where they stopped carrying EU meds and started carrying Indian Meds. Indian Meds are fine, but not at Medstore Prices; it takes very little work to find that out inside the Forum. However, they recently returned to both selling primarily EU meds and taking Credit Cards again. That's Great news. But folks, if you have never purchased from an online pharmacy please use common sense: Any Online Pharmacy Offering You Highly Controlled Drugs from India is wasting your time; Don't let them steal your money too. If you want some medication quick, safe and cheap.......stop reading here and join the forum.

If you have a few hundred dollars with nothing better to spend it on, by all means Google your medication and wire the money to the first Web Site that shows up. Just don't waste anytime waiting for anything to show up. This place is legit. Expensive, but legit. Also, this is NOT AMAZON PRIME! You are ordering from online pharmacies and no matter how many Maple Leaves and Canadian references you see, there's about a 99.99% chance your medication will ship from another country. Exercise patience and no matter WHAT THEY TELL YOU- ADD two weeks to that delivery time and I promise you will not be disappointed.

I have ordered Regenon from here. U.S. folks may know it as Tenuate. Arrived in perfect condition, both times in about 4 weeks ( NOT INCLUDING HOLIDAYS, WEEKENDS ) Quality Product made by a Quality Pharma Co. FYI- PHENTERMINE HCL 37.5mg is NOT manufactured anywhere except the United States, so do not waste their time or yours.

If you can afford Medstore, Stick to the EU made meds and expect 4 weeks for delivery, you will love Medstore! If you order Indian Meds, Expect Delivery in 2 weeks and order items which a tiny bit of research on the Forum will steer you clear of, you will ultimately get a replacement or refund and have wasted 4-9 weeks. There are cheaper options out there, but few that will replace or refund unhappy customers.

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