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generic Cialis

I purchased 70 20 milligram Tadalafil pills. They came in the exact 2 week time frame. it took exactly 1 week for them to process the order, than exactly 2 weeks for delivery. I received the product exactly 3 weeks after placing my order online.
I took a pill yesterday and received absolutely no side effects other than the ability to produce an erection at will, my wife really enjoyed it :)
I am glad that I took the plunge and ordered, what really held me back was the inability to pay for the product using pay pal. If there was another pharmacy using pay pal I would have ventured that way.
Pharm4all should add paypal to their checkout and they could increase sales immensely in my opinion
quality of product
Slow delivery ( even though I received it exactly on time )
no paypal
I will purchase again and do recommend it

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