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Credit card fraud

For people concerned with credit card fraud read my experience. Ok folks, here is my experience. I placed an order for a non-scheduled drug that I use for a neurological condition and it arrived quickly and I am pretty sure it was a genuine product that works. So feeling comfortable ordering with them I order a few weeks later for a larger quantity. Weeks go by and the order doesn't arrive, then we get credit card bill through and we have almost £1,000 spent in goods in England (I do not live in England). The thing is that I and my family NEVER use the card for paying for anything anywhere, the visa card is ONLY used to get money out of the 'hole in the wall' machines. We always use our master card's for buying stuff. The last time this card was used was well over a year ago to buy anything. Realising something was definitely suspicious I checked my email and lo and behold United Pharmacies had sent an email saying we tried to use your credit card but your bank declined it. First of all this gives the game away that when we send information encryted, it is only encrypted from our computer to their computer. Their encrypted connection is not to a bank account, otherwise why would they say 'we tried to use your credit card'? It also gives things away as they were trying to make out that the fraud had occurred before they tried to use the card, trying to mislead me into believing that some other company or person stole the card but this is impossible as they are the only company and people that have had access to the card.
We reported the fraud to our bank and we were fortunate in that the bank refunded the amount that was fraudulently stolen. Anyway I am confident in saying that these people can and do steal credit card information and you use the site at your own risk! Their prices are very good but that reminds me of the saying if it is too good to be true, it probably isn't true,, i.e. they top up their income with credit card fraud!

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