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Modafonil (Fake. Might as well be breath mints)

Quick update from 2016. I would not recommend this supplier if you want modafinil, and by modafinil I mean the actual drug/medicine. The pills these guys send out could be breathmints for all I know because, to my surprise, they actually taste quite good. On to the reason I buy this product besides keeping a fresh breath, I used to be perscribed modafinil to help me stay awake and alert throughout the day because I was presumably suffering from narcolepsy. (although I would not consider it extremely severe, I would get very tired throughout the day) The modafinil (200mg) I was given by my doctor had an immediate effect on my fatigue; it helped me stay alert, clear headed and most of all awake during the whole day. Recently I have started feeling very tired throughout the day, and because I am no longer in the country where I was prescribed modafinil, I thought I would give an online vendor a go. Long story short, the only person this 'modafinil' benifited was the local corner shop who suddenly needed to negotiate a larger shipment deal for paracetamol to keep up with my consumption. Btw, quick side note: If you are buying this for the nootropic properties (memory, alertness, focus etc..) then forget it. Take my word for it. And then there's the small detail; that is, shipment costs £8. Minimum. For economy. I'm currently in the UK and it took 3 weeks to arrive. So if you are only looking to try it out for a week (10pills), expect to pay more for the shipping than what the product costs. It is not a coincidence that shipping is priced so ridiculously high because they need to make all the profit they can off one time purchases. Like mine. Don't make the same mistake. Unlike some of the unlucky few below, they did not make fraudulent withdraws from my account. They chose to rob me legally.

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