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    Cheap Scrips
    Update August 1, 2009: After many reports of undelivered orders being posted here we don't recommend you use this pahramcy. Cheap Scrips' pharmacy is not the prettiest online presence, but it is cheap and long established. Sells ritalin, modafinil, valium, xanax, phentermine, plus many others. Now only accepts...
    2.2 (77)
    Mail Pharma
    Purveyors of fake medicines. Do not use.
    2.0 (20)
    "Drug Buyers Guide.net" is a forum whose staff is guilty of favoritism towards certain groups of pharmacies. There are reports of users banned for writing negative reviews on the favored pharmacies and for writing positive reviews on other pharmacies. It should not be confused with a site which closed...
    1.2 (18)
    Supreme Pharmacy
    Do not go near this online pharmacy. We have blacklisted it due to reports of money being taken and goods not being delivered. If you want to buy sports medicines try one of the reputable pharmacies we list instead.
    2.9 (6)
    Sleeping Pills UK
    This is a dangerous kind of pharmacy for they don't scam everyone, but rather do it selectively. Some customers report lucky deliveries, however, about half of reports about this pharmacy are negative due to failed deliveries and even unsanctioned bank transfers after bank details were shared with them as...
    2.7 (6)
    Global Care Rx
    This pharmacy is known to both send fakes and to fail on their deliveries as evident from our user reports: "I have ordered 3 times from this company. The first time, i received the medication. The next 2 times it never arrived. They said they will refund...
    2.7 (5)
    Sleeping Pills EU
    Selective scammers at best, this website has scammed many of its customers. There are many reports of these scammers using bank card details of their customers to make unsanctioned purchases.
    1.6 (1)
    Online Sleeping Tablets Next Day
    This pharmacy has reportedly failed to deliver medicines upon receiving payment. They have also demanded more money for successful consequent delivery, a common tactic used by scam pharmacies.
    1.0 (1)
    nextdayph.com is known to send fake medicines in the USA.
    0.5 (1)
    Default controlledmeds.com
    There are no positive reports about this pharmacy, only reports of them taking their customers money and not providing any medication. In one case a person lost a huge sum of 2100$ to their scams. The victim was probably scammed by...
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    Mother's Pharmacy
    This pharmacy has been reported to selectively scam their customers by not delivering ordered medicines. They also belong to a network of other pharmacies: usatruepharmacy.com and supplysmeds.com Medsondelivery.com drugcanada-cheap.comdiversglobalpharmacy.com Most of these...
    0.0 (0)
    Pharma Stores
    One of our forum users feedback sums up problems with this pharmacy pretty well: "I ordered Diazepam from Pharmastores.com on 26th Jan. No order received and when I e mail them (at least eight times) no reply. Seems as though I've lost my money from these people....
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    12 results - showing 1 - 12