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Site is ran by StarLite

Ok so joined DBG and seen a thread about StarLite and people apparently haven’t received any order from them from supposedly February, if even that soon. Someone suggested blacklisting Starlite dud to this and most generally agree’d that Starlite was exit scamming.

Anyways, a mod replied saying something along the lines of “isn’t black listing a bit harsh everyones going through tough times due to covid blah blah blah”

AND SHE CLOSED THE THREAD username was DownUnder I believe is one who closed it.

Anyways this is a problem because users were updating each other on receiving or not receiving from StarLite. With all Starlite threads closed nobody has any idea if they are scamming or not. Totally fishy and more than that. IT’S CRIMINAL!

I was banned from the site for mentioning in the DBG chat room asking why the thread was closed thus nobody knew what was going on. Literally 10 minutes later i’m banned.

These people are deranged

(Updated: November 29, -1)
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