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Biased and vendor ran

So, I first went to DBG back in like 2010 and it was a carnival back then. I recently made an account there and tried a vendor. I've been doing this for 12 years and my first experience there, my order was seized. So I made a post that wasn't really even that harsh. Even stated the vendor refunded me 50% of the loss. But, the user 2Earls (a moderator) was the one who recommended the vendor and made the post and soooo guess what!

Boom! Post was removed. Now account is moderated. Christ I was asking about donations as well because for like $100 bucks you get their full package of vendor lists. Now, some vendors there are legit. But good luck figuring that out. And if you have an issue with the vendor, and that vendor is paying DBG (which most do) then no way will you be able to let anyone know of any issue you had.

They also won't communicate with you on why. I sent multiple emails asking. Kept them detailed and short. Nothing accusing and really trying to more just ask reasons so "I would know next time". Ya know, basically asking in the nicest way possible. No response because I am seen as a new member there and who cares. I guess because I didn't donate yet? I don't get to even PM to ask. Like wtf?

Anyway, there are just literally hundreds of reviews on this place (DBG) and not just on here at PR... I mean anyone can type in a search engine and see. Its been a joke since it came out and will always be a joke.

Again, while this is a scammers paradise at DBG and its full of them, it does have some legit vendors. So if you do decide to go there and check it out, just don't ever bother to make a post if it is 100% positive and you are kneeling to them like a slave because the truth doesn't matter. Not even if you are telling them you can send snippets or TNs to show. Doesn't matter. Because truth doesn't matter. What matters is that vendor is paying DBG $$$ and you are only worth what? A $100 at most? Hah. They do not care about you. Only their vendors paying them and who cares if the vendor has shipments being hit by LE or ripping off customers. Doesn't matter cause they are paying DBG $$$

At best case to use DBG is pretty much what I am doing, and that's making an account unrelated (handle name) to anywhere else, and use them for their sources. Then read on those sources, talk with others, and find legit ones and bring them back to other legit places like PR. And leave the 90% of the scam shit there at DBG where it belongs.

(Updated: November 29, -1)
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May 29, 2022
i was banned too dot even know why they are assholes turf waring dealers
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