Advice needed on longtime vendor

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I use a particular med only very occasionally. Last time I managed to buy enough for more than 5 years. That's a long time for this thing, my trusted vendors are history!
Sounds to me like it was the vendor but she got heat from LE and shut the site down for safety. Any sensible vendor of contraband would not be using their own phone number but you do get these idiots that think they can register their illegal site in their own name and address and broadcast their home number lol. Some even ask for payments to be sent to their own bank account.
I've used this place for many years, and it's been superb. Suddenly, the web site has gone down. I used them as recently as a month ago just fine. I managed to track down a phone number for them from old emails/orders and called up asking where the web site has gone and would it be back soon.

The response was strange. The lady who answered used the name of the vendor in her greeting...but when queried, said they never had a web site and I must be mistaken. It sounded very rehearsed. I said I wasn't imagining it and had definitely used their web site many times. At this point I heard a male voice whisper to her "Ask what he wants to order". I panicced and hung up.

I would recommend staying away from this one. Who knows who the person is on the other end of that phone line. There are a lot more “superb” vendors out there that I know of. I wouldn’t waste your time!! :)

Good luck. I advise- don't let your senior membership lapse.

Yes don't! I'm trying to get my back my senior membership now.
That is worrisome especially when you need meds to function every day.

This is why I always have regular vendors and a few back ups. They can disappear any second so it's best to be prepared. It does take a lot of looking around and knowing how to identify scams. I've learnt a lot over my few years and things have also changed a lot. It is much harder nowadays to find certain legitimate medications. At least where I live anyway.
At a certain point you have to know when to call it quits. It sounds like you're at that point with this vendor.
Well it looks like I'm in a similar boat.
I joined here about 6 years ago and then found a few new vendors and never posted.
I've lost at least half a dozen good vendors over the last decade.
Same old story they are great and then one day its just all gone...

I'll have to get on intros and off topic sections and make some small talk
@roguetrader Why would you not come to the form and share your vendors? That's what makes forms work. Plus you would probably be able to access senior area all this time. We like good vendors too. Welcome back.
@seashells I know it was short sighted, with hindsight... TBH I was on the "Other Forum" which I was never very active on anyway, but was handy in certain situations.
That palace is pretty dead now, hardly anyone posts anymore.
I only remembered about this site as someone else made a comment about the lack of post and that PR was still lively.
That rang a memory bell (Oh yeah there's another forum) I didn't want to ask directly because I know they used to get funny about others mentioning/ promoting this place.
It's obviously not easy to find with google so had to search through my password manager, to re-find the site name and confirm that I had made an account.
Happy days.
Even some good vendors I've used for years have recently started selling crap version of the meds they used to sell. It's an always changing situation so it's good to keep up and as people are suggesting, always have a backup or two.
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