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I am a bit dubious about this @Blues. I hope I'm wrong. I would love to take one for the team and have an order sent to a friend in the UK, but something just seems too easy about them. Those elusive Gador bars come from Argentina as far as I know, and are nigh on impossible to find a source for nowadays. Although I know there will be smart people on here getting them on the darknet or something, lol. It just seems such an incongruous listing for them to have! I dunno. I'll be keeping an eye on the thread though. :D
As of right now they are not shipping outside of the EU and UK. I emailed them several weeks ago. They replied promptly and were very polite.
That's interesting @Blues. So they are a legitimate site then. I was sure you would get some loose pressed bars, perhaps containing alprazolam, perhaps not. That's if you got anything at all! Kern is a legitimate Spanish pharmaceutical company so it looks like you got pharma meds. Did they come in the box with the leaflet enclosed? They shouldn't have made a substitute without asking you first if it's ok, IMO, but you still got pharma grade alprazolam. Excellent. Having Gador bars advertised made me think they were a scam site because I can't imagine how they would get their hands on them.

Lol @ having too much caffeine to try them. I drink coffee to give me energy and a bit of a lift mentally but it makes my anxiety worse so I then take alprazolam to cope with that. Crazy!

I don't know how sites like that can operate so brazenly in the UK and get away with it. I'm so pleased you weren't scammed. Good find and even though I'm not in the UK or EU, it's of interest to me. :)
Hi Blues, I'm wondering if you've had a chance to try these yet? I'm tempted to place an order but wondering about the quality.

Hi Blues, I'm wondering if you've had a chance to try these yet? I'm tempted to place an order but wondering about the quality.

The kerns arn't bad there are defiantly better brands out there
I think these are also, uk direct pills, and, insomnia uk. Over priced
I have just placed a very small order, just one strip of what I I’m looking for, I did pay the extra £10 for next day delivery. It’s 7.30pm here in the uk so I’m guessing/ hoping my order will be placed tomorrow and shipped like it says on the website and arrives Thursday. I’ll let you all know.
J11 I hope you get your order ok, fingers crossed they’re genuine. Let me know how you get on 👍🏻
Has anyone gotten anything from here recently? Looking to use a reshipper with this site if possible. Prices look good, but they could be too good to be true. About 1/3 of what I have to pay now (yes I know I'm getting ripped off)
Mine arrived all good, not made another order since. It took a day longer supposed to and no shopping or email was sent to me
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