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Awesome! Thank you! By chance can you rate the stealth on the package for me? Not asking to go into detail, but just curious if a reshipper would realize what's in the package.
With my order I wouldn’t guess what was inside, it was a small order and it didn’t look suspicious at all to me. Can only go with my experience, I have no idea about reshippers, I hadn’t heard of that until I read it on here a few days ago
Thank you for the response! Much appreciated I might just give it a shot assuming I can find a decent reshipper.
Yes I am. Not too worried about international shipping, but if a vendor/shop doesn't offer it themselves it makes things a little bit more tricky having to involve a third party.
I don't think it's too bad, but you just have to look in the right places. With that being said the right places are drying up a bit so it's getting more difficult.
I am looking at this site, but when you go to the payment page, it just says "UK to UK"? Something seems too easy with this site. They even have a van with their website on it LOL.
@Holddadoor They do ship UK-UK only that's why I was looking for a reshipper to get it across the pond.

The van probably makes them look more legit lol
Hey, that's what I figured. If you paid to have someone pimp out their "Candy Mobile". Then I think us little timers looking for stuff here and there is no big deal. just my "professional opinion" 😜 (hopefully you know im kidding about that part lol. Hope they didn't do that to their truck or just Photoshoped it on it for the website, or these guys would have been some of the most stupid "Criminal", Well here is to luck for you getting some good stuff soon!

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So his it over on the Senior side? I myself don't have the luxury of speaking to you guys over at the cool kids table haha. I'm sure it will be a bliss fully experience! Funny your SN is @BenzoGuy1234 . I would have never guessed what kind of magazines you like to read!! On Friday I was blessed with around a 4 month subscription of both the magazines that I like. THey were first editions too!

Good luck man! As you can see I am wide awake still, no idea why ;)
I find it interesting that they don't even have the item their site name infers. I am also curious about reshippers to the US. From the Great North as well
I've never tried Gadors or Denvor bars. I want to but the one IOP has a high price range including delivery. But maybe they're worth it.
I've heard they're the best bars on the market.
If you're referring to the site in question on this thread that' s interesting. Before Argentina banned export of all medications, I liked to buy Denver Farma's 2mg Green ovals as well as the A1 Gador Alplax, Tavor 2.5mg lorazepam and a top class Brazilian flunitrazepam whose brand name escapes me thanks to the passing years. If not, which IOP do you mean, do they deliver in original blisters/boxes, and do they send to the UK? I have been seeking Alplax & Denvers ever since they started enforcing the "NO meds export" law!
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