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have not seen the Netflix news documentary on
Boeing Aircraft. However, IMO, the Boeing 737 MAX, was a thorn in Boeing Aircrafts side
You definitely should watch the documentary, you will really appreciate it, I think. It explains how Boeing went from an Engineer focused company with an emphasis on Quality Control to a Wall Street conglomerate who cut the Quality control massively. They cut corners to get it past the regulators (pretending the cockpit had no major difference's, it did) to avoid additional pilot training/costs, yet, they made major changes without letting the pilots know which caused the crashes and ultimately the downfall. Its quite a sad story to watch as they tried to blame 'pilot error' but it backfired because the pilot had been trained in the US and had a ton off experience.

Another recent documentary I watched about planes was the flight that landed on the Hudson River, I will go through my history and get you that name too. Again they tried to blame 'pilot error' but he fought back, I don't want to spoil it for you....
I travel to Mexico about once every month or other month. I don’t always brings things back, but often I do. I have had conversations with customs and immigration when I get back to the states when I am bringing stuff back. To date- and most recent was two weeks ago, they do not care as long as it isn’t a drug drug like cocaine type stuff, or I’m bringing enough meds that are scripted here in the US to sell.
Last officer told me he just had a guy come through with 10-12 bottles of a steroid (anabolic).
They let him go because he declared it and states it was for personal use.
Most folks do not know that some prescription insurances in the US pay their members to go to Mexico to purchase their prescription drugs because it’s less expensive than buying them here. So less expensive that some states are looking into this. I shit you not! A short Google search and you can see for yourself.
Don’t let all the gloom and doomers stop you from getting a reasonable amount of meds while visiting Mexico or Canada.
Personal use only*
@Pantherfan That sounds similar to the UKs previous legal system (I'm not up to date on whether its still accurate today).

However, the law used to be up to 3 months personal supply, not class As like Morphine et al but benzos (class C) etc were fine. So I always used the BNF (UK Doc's Bible) and calculate the maximum amount I could order then keep it under that. I've had benzo's opened by customs and still delivered to me yet, the same customs have sent me LLs, I think it depends on the legislative knowledge of the customs officials.
Can you get me some hot sauce
Can't you go to a Mexican shop (store) and buy it? In the UK we have Eastern European, Chinese and various other shops that import for their customers.
No. This is the real deal with the little 97 cent sticker and original mexican dust.. Had to break up with my supplier a while back
For a number of years that was also the case with buying meds in Canada. I’m not certain if that still applies. But I think probably 5-10 years ago it was much more prevalent.

In fact after one of my appointments several years back my Rheumatologist, he prescribed a newer med which (at least at that time) was extremely expensive,, even with my insurance plan.

He had me wait a few minutes for him at the front desk of his practice while he went to his office desk, and brought me back a printout of 4 or 5 online Canadian pharmacies that offered the med and accepted US R/x’d, and told me order it online from one of them.
Like, he had these already printed out for patients, not like he looked them up and printed out a list just for me.

And looking back now, one would have thought that a lightbulb would’ve turned on at that point, to search online for other meds. Doh

But it was a few years later when I happened to stumbled upon PR, where my life changed and I realized for the first time… there were thousands of others who were actively seeking out the meds they needed online. And had been doing so from the beginning.. way, way back from the birth of the World Wide Web - aka the internet.
(Thank you Al Gore)! 😂

I still shake my head (kick my own azz) that it took me so long to find out that chronic pain sufferers were able to beat the system,, with others like myself who were suffering - some being denied the meds, or cut back, and worse.. cutoff from their prescriptions.

But they were purchasing what they needed online, in order to help deal with their anxieties, chronic pain, insomnia etc. and acquiring those meds in order make their lives better.
@Delta L1011 Yes, I've always been a socially Conservative hippy which sounds odd but I had some great times and wonderful life experiences, we would definitely have alot in common....

Wow, aircraft, cheap goods and the autobahn, Germany must have been your Disney land. 🤣

I just recently watched the Boeing documentary on Netflix. It was sad to watch the rise and fall of a proud successful American company. Hopefully they can bounce back with proper leadership ?

You mentioned airplanes but if your also interested in helicopters, there's a great book by a British Apache pilot called Ed Macy called 'Hellfire' that was a fascinating read. He goes into detail on all the upgrades we (Britain) made to the Apache after purchasing them from the US for a hefty sum then doing a major remodelling to our engineers own designs to make them better. Quite unusual from us since the US usually gets all the cool military toys. They spent a fortune upgrading an already expensive helicopter and Ed Macy was one of the first pilots. He goes into details on how complex they are to fly because only a small percentage of the population has the ability to use their two eyes to work independently from one another. Its a fascinating read and goes into detail of his time in Afghanistan. Definitely worth the read, I worried it would be too technical for me but he does a great job getting the balance right for a diverse readership.

I'm off to bed since its late O'clock here and I'll just start posting gibberish soon.

Good night America 😴 🌟
@Chancer "I used to love to ride on the autobahn" (from Munchen to Nurnberg), as well as Nurnberg to Munchen, or, after a flight to Germany....@Munich's Flughafen Franz-Josef Strauss International Airport. After arrival & connected S1 & S8 to Hauptbahnhof
Munchen, I would love to ride on the autobahn, for a brief trip, with a large V8 engine, in a BMW 7 series sedan !!! But, the
Porsche 911's, with the whale tail wing, would pass me, on the fast lane, it appeared about 175 MPH + LOL !!!

How I miss the autobahn.............verses........
in the USA, I miss the autobahn, (except on occasionally, in the rural Southwest, of NW Arizona, & some places in rural
New Mexico, as long as I had a up to date Fuzzbuster (old school for a radar detector) for the USA Hertz Adrenalin Muscle
Cars and the Penske Muscle Cars. (but it is still dangerous), even in the rural roads of SW USA, if one gets caught, the consequences
are very harsh! One can lose their USA drivers license, with reciprocity in all 50 states, for at least one year, if not jail time, for
driving past 100+ MPH, or 110 MPH+ in the USA. The last time, I tried driving a Penske, 420+ HP supercharged, 2014 Mustang
I clocked the dash installed E,T. monitor, and this hot rod, all Black with a wide yellow stripe, would go from 0 to 60 MPH in only
4.4 seconds, in October of 2013, in Southern Arizona, on a rural road, (Pima County west of Tucson AZ) and/or another place
very rural in the Desert SW, was near Monument Valley (near 4 Corners) in extreme NW Arizona, near the New Mexico state line,
& the Utah border. Just saying. Parts of very rural New Mexico, I have used before, but, about 8 to 10 years ago. Carroll Shelby
Mustangs, Hemi Dodge Challenger SST, or, Camero SS Coupes. It is most unpractical, now, with urban sprawl, (USA) & the age
factor now. (to be safe & responsible), in most of the congested metro cities in the USA.

Finally, in summation, @Chancer, I sincerely appreciate your insight on Boeing Aircraft. I have not seen the Netflix news documentary on
Boeing Aircraft. However, IMO, the Boeing 737 MAX, was a thorn in Boeing Aircrafts side. As well as the end in sight of the 50+ year
production of the Boeing 747, with limited production now of the B747-8 series, the B767 series, (another wide body, & the end of what
I call a "cattle car" , the Boeing 757, which replaced the Boeing 727, with the last year of the B757 in year 2004. My long term favorite for
Boeing was the introduction of the jet age, the Boeing 707. Long discontinued. As I remember Airbus, with the Airbus A300, engaged in
a agreement with former Eastern Airlines, that, from all accounts, saved Airbus from Failure, due to liberal contracts with former EAL,
Miami, Fl in 1977, to the mid 1980's, otherwise, they might have failed. As you said, I sincerely hope Boeing will come back as a leading
aircraft & aviation pioneer.

I also appreciated your prospective on Ed Macy with the helicopters, from his book on the British Apache helicopters. As my former
brother in law, who was a professor for the helicopter pilots who were assigned to Afghansistan in Germany, who tutored the pilots &
families & children of the Military pilots in Germany, I shall plan to read the book you suggested, by Ed Macy. I thank you n advance
for your intelligent insight, on the subjects at hand.

As I am -5GMT, on ESt, it is also my bedtime, as it is past 01::00 hours in the EST time zone in USA. Bedtime for me, too.
Sorry, not corrected for spelling errors, as it is even late in the evening for me.
with kindest regards, I am.

@Delta L1011
Your post about getting caught driving over 100 mph reminded me of one of those “genius“ type things we did when young and stupid.

When I was either 18, or 19, I was on I-95 South, on the way to Florida, with one of my friends. We saw the signs that we were approaching Georgia (leaving S. Carolina) in a few miles, and we were joking around about the movie “Smokey and the Bandit.” So like a total moron, I volunteered (I didn’t even make a wager, so even dumber) that I would hit the Georgia border over 100 mph, and not go slower until we hit Jacksonville (first part of Florida, on 95 South). This was in broad daylight, no radar detector, and completely sober, which is the ONLY intelligent part of this. The interstate was very quiet, so it wasn’t a hazard to anyone else, except myself, if I got caught. For anyone interested, I just looked it up, and it is 112 miles from border to border.

I actually pulled it off, without as much as seeing a Georgia State Trooper, but OMG was that f’ing stupid! 😂
@Synecdoche You just reminded me of the time I got pulled over for speeding in Florida.

That was an erm, education 😳

I wasn't going silly speeds, fortunately it was after my young and dumb days so it was only about 20km over the limit on International Drive, Orlando when I saw the blue lights and a motorbike police officer telling me to pull over. So, I turned into a housing estate type turn off and went to get out the car. In the UK unless its somewhere dangerous like a motorway getting out the car isn't generally an issue. A side street during the day which, is pretty much a dead end isn't anywhere near dangerous hence why I indicated and pulled into that turn off.

As soon as I opened my door I heard this female police officer shouting "ma'am, stay in the vehicle", so after checking my mirrors and realising she had her hand near an actual real life gun (completely alien to this UK tourist, except in London occasionally or UK airports etc).

So, she comes to the car window and asks if I knew I was speeding. I decided to play the naughty but nice and honest tourist and informed her that "yes, I was aware I was going a little over, sorry, I was running late and it was silly and reckless", grovel, grovel.

After the very few minutes it took her to realise I was just another uber polite, twat Brit abroad, unlikely to pay a speeding fine since I was leaving in two days (its a huge political drama, illegal parking and speeding between Countries, usually its the diplomats that really drive the locals nuts). Countries always owe each other a fortune in tourist and diplomatic driving fines etc. So, I got told to keep my speed down and "have a nice day", no ticket necessary. Charm and disarm, Brit style or so I like to tell myself. 🤣😁😇
@Chancer Reminded me of Barbados in mid 90's. We set out to drive our rented Moke (like an old US Postal jeep but smaller) completely around the island. My wife & I (pre-children) came upon a field of marijuanna and got frightened. We drove away from the Touristy areas and it got scary. Bridgeport was also scary.
@ned I found the Bahamas more scary than Barbados. Although, we do have a 'British connection' so we generally meet people who have family living in the UK, it's a great ice breaker.
Web - aka the internet.
(Thank you Al Gore)! 😂
😂🤣😂 We are so so lucky to have him, he's also going to erm 'fix?' The climate (weather over a long period). So he could start with changing 'climate change' since it's an oxymoron. Just my humble opinion oh, weather diety Al. 😳
Oh Al also looks like AI, perhaps he's a narcissistic computer program 🧐🤣
Hi Everybody, I read a post from two years ago from a fellow member. I would like to try and update this post and information. Is there anyone out there that travels a lot, such places as Taiwan, Asia, Mexico, Canada? This fellow member said he use to go to Taiwan and purchase his meds. He said he could either get most stuff over the counter or simply go to a doctor.

Here is my question for my fellow members:

What countries can you travel to and purchase most, if not ALL medications?

Is it easy to access the medications in these countries?

Is it a simple thing to purchase most things over the counter?

Or do you need to go to a doctor during your visit?

If successful at getting your medications, how hard is it to leave the country? Do they inspect your luggage for extra medications?

I know it's a lot to ask, but I am hoping someone out there may do this through traveling personally or through their job.

Mexico is the one of the easiest countries to get prescription meds, because of its liberal drug laws. Some may say this information is slightly misleading. In 2009, Mexico decriminalized many hard drugs like narcotics, cocaine, LSD, and heroin. This country has the largest black market and drug cartels for illegal drugs. So if you want to get some hard-to-find and if you travel to Mexico, it will be an easy task for you to find it.
Possibly easy to get killed as well.

Love the country; go there often to scuba dive (Cozumel, which has been less problematic than across the water to the West in Cancun and Playa) but frankly would personally never go nosing about looking for pharmaceuticals. Many do; I don’t.
@bpsshogg Loved Cambodia, Angor Wat is legendary. I used too eat at the local food stalls, the lady used to get her son to drive me to my hostel on his bike because it was on a dark road. Great people, poor yet total class.
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