Any World Travelers in the Forum???

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@bpsshogg Loved Cambodia, Angor Wat is legendary. I used too eat at the local food stalls, the lady used to get her son to drive me to my hostel on his bike because it was on a dark road. Great people, poor yet total class.
I loved Vietnam, was a big fan of all the different kinds of food you get on the street.
I'd love to see Cambodia one day, and Laos as well.
@glamghost Me too, I've backpacker twice and Thialand only twice too, so 4 times in all so far. Its like a home from home now.
Not a world traveler. But I do live in the border states and make a few trips down to Mexico a few times a year to pick up antibiotics and also get dental work done to save money. I have picked up a few other things for pain control and anxiety but had no issues being them back as it’s a personal amount and CBP has never had a issue.
I never traveled until I reached my 40s and we now do at least one international trip per year. It has really given me perspective and I've learned so much. People are kind and good people. I am entitled to live in the US and fortunate to not worry about safe drinking water, heating, and even ac.
Yes, I have travelled quite a lot and lived out in Asia for a number of years.
It's always my emergency last resort, I can use if things get really dire, just get on a plane to South east Asia.
Laos actually had the best quality benz I've ever had but I haven't been there for a long time and the place makes me uneasy
Thailand is more difficult and and expensive nowadays for benz, so I would probably just go to Cambodia where you can still go in almost any pharmacy and get what you need for pennies each.
You obviously can't bring too much back, but flights from Europe aren't really that expensive and the meds are so cheap if you bring enough back it can almost cover the cost of flights and you get a holiday.
I have a few contacts out there too so can potentially pay a local to post some and also throw some in my suitcase too.
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