Anyone miss the good ole days? Especially those who have been around since...

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What's up guys? I remember commenting on this thread a looong time ago. its been a crazy ride, many important meds arent available anymore and there are lots of dangerous fakes... that said we are all still lucky to be part of a community where with some work, we can get most of what we need. (although its often price prohibitive). im back after a while and still have newbie status but shortly I can see what we are currently working with... hopefullys it as good or better than b4.. take care folks ill talk to u l8ter:)
I miss those good ole days when the meds were real and the price was a deal.
Benzos used to be OTC in Thailand. Cheap, fast and easy. Those days are long gone. Now you scramble to find a vendor, hope you don't get junk (lots of junk), hope it's not outrageously priced, hope they don't have a complicated payment method, and then hope you get it. Then if you do, will that guy be there when you want to reorder?

Damn I miss those days.
The Good Ole Day indeed, remember NROP ( no record online pharmacy ) ? "WWW.RXGOODDEALS" was one I remember. 120 Lortab tens to your door in just a few days for 140 bucks COD, buy just filling out a form and putting "Back pain" or "anxiety" whatever in the box.

They were very much abused. There was this asshole in my area who found out about it, and started recruiting local users to make multiple orders. It soon was blown up/Hot because UPS was delivering WAY to many rattling packages of pills. Some of them were driving around town to flag the UPS driver down which was also very suspicious .The guy that started it all did time for trafficking.
plain dumbass by noted asshole who wreaked it for everyone🙃
> the guy who ran with it is the dumbass. American/corporate greed is killing me. and you
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