Back again, but demoted:(

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Big Dummy

Lapsed Senior Member
Dec 26, 2022
Hey everyone, Its been a long time and I have many life changes, mostly positive!
I went to say hi and saw I was demoted. I am having difficulty getting posts to count towards me getting back my sr status. I have done several posts over several days but it still says I need 30?

Any idea whats wrong?
Hi @Big Dummy

Just keep making posts and see if your actual post count goes up. It should do. It's on 109 as I write this so we can both keep count, lol. '

I don't understand why it would still say you need 30 posts but maybe that's just telling you what is needed, not how many more you have to make?? Then again I may be talking nonsense. Not for the first time...:p
Yep, your count has gone up to 110 now @Big Dummy :)

So you're on your way back in. I don't know what it was when you lapsed though.

Better get off the forum and get my dear mum off the loo now. She gets really pissed off with the poor service around here! :LOL:
Hey there @Big Dummy and welcome back to the forums. I don't think anything is wrong with your account, but if you've been inactive for over three months then you will have to make a certain number of posts to get your status back. It might seem like a lot of posts but keep at it and you'll get there before you know it.

Again welcome back and good luck with regaining your status!
@Seeker Well done on getting your post count. I am sure you have enough rep points.

You may just need to wait a few more days to have belonged for the requisite time but it won't be long! :)
Ah. Good reminder that we ALL need to keep our online presence active.
Otherwise <No senior forum for you!> (in soup . . . er, "socialist" voice).
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