Current good mixer blender tumbler for crypto?

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Dec 9, 2018
I lost a chunk of change today from a scam btc mixer and have spent the last few hours trying to find a legitimate one. Any couple of recommendations for ones that are good as of 07 June, 2022?
Aren't mixers supposed to be tainted coins to start with? I know it's not exactly illegal but not something I would like to involved with. Using Btc since 2015 and have religiously stayed mainstream exchanges and trading. I would love if you could elaborate it's benefits though.
Used cash to purchase crypto, which is associated with my identification and can be traced back. The sellers that have the schedule IV medication I need also sell schedule II which I don't need, I've even seen schedule I in the past but those sellers are not around anymore. I don't want to be associated with sending funds to someone who sells something worth further investigation.
Ah now I get it. Usually difficult to track but yes would steer clear of them myself. I use exchanges which have P2p, reliable ones still need KYC. We could be the ones to lose at both ends, Btc mixer scam and fake meds scam.
yeah I think the whole mixing thing got messed up. There used to be a good one everyone apparently used but the shut up shop.
I believe the current fad is to use tor and convert it to monero then back to btc. I just read about it I don't use tor.
You'd be best of asking on the forums on tor I'd imagine. Though there is so much phishing my friend told me... it sounds difficult to not get scammed these days.
Buy btc as usual. Even if you are ID
Download exodus on your phone and pc
Send the btc bought to your exodus on phone.
Exchange to monero
Send from your phone wallet monero to your pc wallet monero.
Here have tor running.
Exchange monero back to btc.
And send where you wish.

Exodus does not require kyc.
Unless you wish to do other things with exodus that requires kyc.
But exodus I believe is considered a hot wallet. Unsure what that means. I think it just means it is a software like electrum.

I think this may work.

My husband bought a trezor wallet last week. And it has an option to turn on tor in that wallet. This wallet would be a cold wallet though. Which means a wallet disconnected I think. Unless you connect it via usb into a pc.
@kmontayne Hot wallet are wallets on exchanges like Coinbase, Binance etc where you can actively trade. Cold wallets are where you move your coins and store for long term. Example being if I have $10000 but was to use $1000 for trading/payment. I move $1000 to exchanges to trade and keep $9000 in cold wallets like Trust wallet, Metamask etc. Cold wallets are more secure and hack proof.
My advice from the loss and research I did yesterday is to NOT use a search engine, especially sites that say "top whatever for 2022". Most sites are questionable at best and all of their links will steal your money. Even one that has a photo and bio of the supposed page author is going to be fake, it's just too easy of an opportunity for thieves to pass up.
Personally, I use a Ledger Nano, and don't recommend the original because of too little memory and the font size requires a very good set of reading glasses to use. Many accounts can be created on it so the same address never has to be used twice. No TOR option with it, but a good VPN is always used. Never a cheap VPN. Brave is good, but I always use TOR when shopping or even visiting this site. Not really visiting onion sites - but nice to have an advertisement free version of the NY Times onion site.
As far as finding p2p for non-KYC, everything worth considering seemed to have a 5-7% markup and still required a lot of work. An ATM is going to take ~14% to start with. After taking my loss yesterday, that 5-7% would have been a bargain. Not a huge loss, but well over $100.
I started off using a Blendtec, but really should've gotten the small jar with the side-scraper thingy. Also now several years later, it doesn't seem to grind up tokens as well as when new. I know it's bad to keep warm coins on an exchange, so next time I'm going with the Vitamix instead.
These days you can just go in and out of a non-kyc crypto exchange (not sure if I can list them here, but google is your friend).

You pay a fraction of the fees and you get complete anonymity.

Feel free to PM if anyone has questions :)
Mmm questions many questions. I'll go read up on this, maybe should revisit my vitamix plans.
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