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Fortunately someone recognized a tattoo and called in a tip.

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Unfortunately the line was busy...

( you got in there too quick @Socrates)!
Unfortunately she was schizophrenic, and she had imagined the whole story.
Unfortunately, a photograph of a murderer running away (gimp mask or not) is not sufficient evidence for a positive ID.
Unfortunately Diego invested millions in MG & WU and his investments were seized by the government.
I really needed the laugh (not a bad day, just long). You guys are too funny!
Fortunately, the government officials were corrupt, and accepted a healthy bribe from the happy couple.
Fortunately, the new bride met a billionaire who took her mind completely off Diego.
^ Unfortunately that never lasts long...Test Flights

OOPS...Supposed to put fortunately...Fortunately the Millionare's Wife was totally into it and they both had a Good time while it lasted :p
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Fortunately the police were able to retrieve DNA from the mask giving the cops a DNA signature of the perp.
Fortunately, there was an tag on the gimp mask that said "one gimp mask, yes that is my bag baby! Owned by Chico Escuela" (cousin of Diego), and the DNA was from Chico's pitbull.
Doubly fortunate was that Chico was apprehended in Canada where the judges cannot be bribed.
Unfortunately, the Canadian judge was unable to make it to court on time, due to his horse catching a cold (hey- we know you have no other form of transportation! LOL! :p *ducking the rotten tomatoes thrown at me!* ) So Chico went free that day...
And even more unfortunate, at the Canadian/ American boarder, the immigration and customs officials tired of working for no pay while the American governmental slobs do nothing in Washington- they smiled at Chico and his motorcade of goonies, and waved him through......
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