I hate the cold

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I've got a feeling we are going to be feeling some of this before winter settles in.

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Aahh, yeah, we need to talk about the TPS reports…..

Aahh, now, are you going to go ahead and have those TPS reports for us this afternoon?

That'd Be Great!

Hah hah I love that movie….when I saw the picture I went straight to Office Space….ok back to on topic.

But you go ahead @djrick , Because, I got a meeting with the Bobs in a couple of minutes.

:p :rolleyes: :)
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I prefer colder temps to warmer ones.

I'm also one of those weird people that has "reverse SAD".

I enjoy dark, cloudy, or rainy days.

Too many sunny days in a row gives me extra depression.

I've been this way since I was a little kid.

I find sunny days to be too noisy and abrasive to my senses.

Needless to say, but I'm also a night-owl.:p
My RA acts up in cooler weather. And psoriasis also. We do not get real cold until about another week or so. It gets extremely hot in the Summer, it is awful when over a 100. You feel far to warm and sticky and need so many showers to cool off. Althought my RA is somewhat better and prorasis in warmer weather. The spring weather is perfect. Now they will not allow anyone to burn wood in fireplaces. It does smell pretty bad as we are not far from each other, so you use Gas Logs of nothing at all to stay warm but the heat. I would prefer spring weather all year. And try sleeping when it is hot plain miserable. On that note I will take cooler weather without pain please.
Snowy weather is such a clean smell. And it is a different kind of cold then we get with rain or fog. The snow in Tahoe when we use to ski was a breath of fresh air, except the high altitude and sinus headaches, and driving with chains on when it is heavy snow. It is so beautiful. Sure miss going sking.
@snowy I loved sking , falling really hard hurts on hard packed snow. Or falling face forward going downhill, and pull a ligament trying to get your ski's uncrossed, while a certain someone watches and laughs and you tore a ligament in your knee getting untangled, finally learned to stop properly, then came down with PA. Watching would be fun, but difficult not sking. Falling hurts. Not always but sometimes it hurts pretty bad.
@snowy do you use a hot water bottle,or heating pad, or any creams that help your back with your pain? I hope you have something to help. I do understand. I cannot stomach pain meds, but Apercream, Bencay unscented helps. So does heat.
@snowy do you use a hot water bottle,or heating pad, or any creams that help your back with your pain? I hope you have something to help. I do understand. I cannot stomach pain meds, but Apercream, Bencay unscented helps. So does heat.
Yes I use a heating pad a lot, I also go to Physical Therapy monthly. PT is incredibly helpful. It's a deep massage alternated with heat.
@snowy that is wonderful. Thankfully it helps. I have never had Phyical Therphy, sure would like too.

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I have had Therphy for my Psoriasis. Cannot do it very long it burns.
I love to Ski. It doesn't matter how much I hurt or ache before or afterwards, but I have been skiing since I can remember and pics of me really young on ski's and I still to this day get out at least twice during the winter west or elsewhere for a week and then back to MN to Afton Alps or Lutsen or area resorts a few times a year.

I may not be able to handle the pounding I use to take on moguls, but just a nice easy hill can make me happy. Of course the hot "beverages" (with spirits) in the lodge and some eye candy helps... :)

We (CO) will be joining you. I guess that cold wave is dropping down here soon. We are talking 15 Farenheit at night with snow. Fine by me anyways. Just wish I had finished with insulating my doors.
Hey I am bumming because I don't think our small greenhouse will make it through what looks to be a soon coming arctic blast. Even with it closed up and such it's gonna be a whollop. And no, just the food herbs even though I am in CO.

My dog usually loves it but found out she has a torn ACL and at her age, well things aren't good and I am supposed to keep her out of the cold. Shoot, she's a Bernese Mtn. Dog and lives for the snow.

Might have to share my meds with her when the time comes, just kidding.

Stay warm folks!
\^----------------------------> Hi @grannyof2boys

You can take the old Goodnight-Loving cattle trail from west TX to Cheyenne, WY. You will have to be an intrepid cow girl and keep going farther north :)

Hope life is treating you well.


@COSGringo I am sorry to read about your sweet doggy. I hope she can get comfortable. it is something we who are owned by our pets deal with. We just got the stitches/staples out of our little girl pug yesterday. The mass/tumor had to be left alone, considering removal would have left her with too much permanent damage to her eye, ear and jaw---all on the right side of her face. She is doing fine and other than the slight bulge on the side of her face, one would not know there was anything going on with her except the usual pug schenanigans. We have just the 2 pugs now.

These are some pictures of our daughter's bermese dog and her big white dog a Great Pyrenees (I asked our daughter what type dog the white one is)---and the brown dog just came up to their home yrs ago--and stayed. He died last yr. She has 3 dogs now..the white one, who is a as big as a horse, a pom & 1 peke.

(this is a pic of what her dog looked liked.heathers  kooter.jpg

......................in their first home yrs ago..heathers clean doggs.jpg
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@COSGringo what a beautiful dog. Her coloring is magnificent. I do hope she is on the upswing of feeling better from that ACL boo-boo.

reminds me of this pic....I have posted the pic before but it is cute even a second time around...here ya go>>>>>>>>>

........................boo boos.jpg
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