I hate the cold

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@COSGringo I am sorry to read about your sweet doggy. I hope she can get comfortable. it is something we who are owned by our pets deal with. We just got the stitches/staples out of our little girl pug yesterday. The mass/tumor had to be left alone, considering removal would have left her with too much permanent damage to her eye, ear and jaw---all on the right side of her face. She is doing fine and other than the slight bulge on the side of her face, one would not know there was anything going on with her except the usual pug schenanigans. We have just the 2 pugs now.

These are some pictures of our daughter's bermese dog and her big white dog (forgot what he is)---the brown dog just came up to their home yrs ago--and stayed. He died last yr.
She has 3 dogs now..the white one, who is a as big as a horse, a pom & 1 peke.

(this is a pic of what her dog looked liked.View attachment 28508

......................in their first home yrs ago..View attachment 28509

grannyof2boys, are you sure the top picture is a dog or is he a lion? Just the way the fur (mane) sticks up around his head made me laugh. Too cute.
@snowy I know---isn't that one beautiful dog. and the dog that adopted our daughter & her husband was just like the pic from the national geographic photo.

The bottom pic is one where her dogs had just been summer-groomed & that sometimes means they get a partial de-furring...parts are shaved off and never to be discussed. :)

the critters have always found her. I guess some of us just turn out that way :)
@snowy I just had that new chair you sent to me installed & I very much appreciate the thought it took and the care you gave to getting just *the Right one* for going-for-a-ride up the stairs..

Well the workmen have just left and this is a pic of me giving the chair lift my first test drive on it (lol)...........

.....................10676117_727029347384762_5496922693164755277_n.jpg lol :)
OMG---I just now saw the bad language on the bottom of that pic............AAAhhhhhh nooooooooo (what was I thinking??)

...............I still do not like the cold weather...here are some pics to prove it....

......................oh no crying pic.jpg
Not a big fan of the cold. I do love winter sports like skiing, snowmobiling etc...
However I now hat snow removal. I have a massive snow thrower and just fitted a plow to my truck, but I still hate moving the snow. My driveway is over 1/2 miles long and then there are all the areas around the buildings on the property. Once the plowing is done I have to use the snow thrower for 1-2 hours.

Backup plan as my age will not allow me do this past another 7-10 years. Move to the land we have owned in the Carolinas once my kids are done with university and kiss the brutal Great Lakes region goodbye.
@COSGringo, I brought some of my herbs in yesterday before the arctic blast hit... dug a little of this, little of that, put 'em in pots, now they live on the windowsill. And the house smells delightful! I can't believe we had snow last night, and projected single-digit lows tonight. It's a shock this time. Usually we can ease in to it a little bit, but it was beautiful all last week (50s) and even yesterday it was in the mid-forties. Considering the mild autumn until now, lots of plants were still actively growing, and I'm sure they'll be OK, but I expect to see some die-back in the spring.

I wish I could hibernate, you know??
Made in Germany

I find that the Chinese herb liquid http://www.itmonline.org/jintu/zhenggushui.htm
is the best it seems to really penetrate, way better than Voltaren cream,
Zheng Gu Shui is the name

Thanks, I've never heard of this. Just noted it. I've had good luck with:

Weleda Arnica Massage Oil softens and tones the skin. It contains pure sunflower seed and olive oil, which, when combined with extracts of Arnica flowers and birch leaves, stimulates the skin's natural functions. It's ideal for use before sports or physical exertion, as massage helps warm the body. After exercise, a relaxing massage with Arnica Massage Oil helps soothe and comfort tired muscles. Rosemary and Lavender essential oils provide a warming, powerful fragrance. Free of synthetic additives, including fragrance, color and preservatives and raw materials derived from mineral oils. Not tested on animals.
My weights are all outside (can't fit em inside). Can confirm, working out in 20 degree weather blows.
Hate, hate, hate cold weather! My joint pain gets way worse. The depression and lack of motivation sucks even more. And then there's the dried out skin no matter how much moisturizer I use. Just hate winter!

But then I also hate extremely hot temps too. I think I'm just a whiny ***** :/
Hate, hate, hate cold weather! My joint pain gets way worse. The depression and lack of motivation sucks even more. And then there's the dried out skin no matter how much moisturizer I use. Just hate winter!

But then I also hate extremely hot temps too. I think I'm just a whiny ***** :/

After trying a bunch of products, I have had great success with Aquaphor Healing Ointment. My lips literally crack from the forced air heat in my house, and the Aquaphor makes a huge difference. I use it on my hands, feet and elbows, too.

Have you tried Voltaren gel on your joints?
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I have not tried voltage gel. I do use aquaphor and it's a godsend. My lips are always chapped, not just in winter either.
I'm a spring time gal myself. I hate it when it's hot because I hate being wet all the time from the heat. I pray for winter to get here. But when it does, I'm cursing the cold. It's hell on the joints and the older I get the more the cold goes thru me. UGH!
Give me spring time forever.

HA! I guess I shouldn't complain tho. I really feel for you folks up north and don't know how you handle all the snow and ice. BUUURRR.
Down in the south, temps. get into the 60's and we're pulling out the heavy coats and gloves.
Guess it's all in what you're use to.
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@mistymountainhop I have posted about the wonders of Aquaphor ointment before also. We buy the Aquaphor for Babies--we get it at Walgreens in the baby item section. It is a wonderful product for all-year round use. Works on those dry cracked hands, cuticles, feet and is a perfect lip balm.

here is a pic:
This biting cold is through my house. I live in a very old, drafty house. I'm plugging all the drafts with towels. I'm also piling blankets for the cats, so they will stay warm. I'm feeding them in bed so they don't have to go into the drafty kitchen (now that's nuts, but hey I care). I also bought heaters for them. So mommy is typing in a 50-degree office, that's OK. As long as my kitties stay warm.

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