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A bit desperate to get some sleep aids I can't find elsewhere and this is the first site that appears to list it. They don't say if they ship to U.S. but I wonder. Sent them an email (with fake phone #). Guess I'll see what they say. If anyone has any current shipments and thoughts on the matter I'd love to hear. If I order I will share my results!
@mackronus12 They say they ship to the U.S. but shipping has been slow everywhere. Did you have a successful experience?

Lady M
I ended using a different provider in the senior section! Try to get over there and I think you’ll be taken care of!
I hate not having access to the senior section, 90 days goes so freakin quick.
I did back in may ...they said that shipments from India were blocked and they were looking for alternatives ...I received meds from Slovenia eventually was not impressed with efficacy of them ...they are quite pricey as well ...not easy trying to find reliable vendor these days
Very odd considering that Slovenia makes some of the finest meds available. Think of Apaurin, Helex, and Lexaurin in particular. All top class. And wherever you are in the world, if you are dispensed tramadol, chances are it was made there. KRKA are responsible for too many Generics in so many countries. I believe about 50% of the world tramadol supply comes from that country.
There's a Japanese pharmacy called bio-Japan or similar which sells Restas, Coreminal and Melex at great prices. My go-to place for the incomparable original Restas 2mg flutoprazepam. These essential meds are not available (banned, in fact) in India and to me are the only items worth shopping for in Japan.
BTW are the Mimaki Family still going? They always had good, cheap Restas and Coreminal as well.
Placed a subscription with them today. When you call you get a better discount than placing on the site. Will post about the outcome:)
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