NY Customs 2023 Experiences!

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Good news going thru New York.

India arrived in 9 days. (Went thru queens)

Philippines arrived in 8 days. (Didn’t show any stops after ISC NEW YORK until it arrived at my door)

…I love the post office, but I sure as hell don’t want any more love letters from them!
Love the good news! Seems like they’ve finally cleared all the holiday leftovers.
i have two letters stuck and have on tracking they are at different stages in the tracking process. If anybody here has gotten a LL at what point was it stuck at in tracking ? Like at inbound into customs or or arrived at jamaica? These are both EMS and both COO has never had major issues i have seen on PR.

If you do not want to post could you send me a DM. If thats allowed did not see any violations of terms of service.
At the point of origin, SF mine got all the way out the door of customs and just sat there for a couple of months. Then I got the LL. Jamaica and EMS as well as other carriers have traditionally been a bad mix. Glad you had good luck in the past with Jamaica but again Jamaica is a risk. So dear friend you never know. M
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Well I hate to cause any envy, but I’m sure happy. My latest came thru in FOUR DAYS from coo to my alternate address. Queens of course. I have no idea why some go thet direction and some don’t, but I have never seen one issue (that I can recall) if you get the big Q.

Hoping everyone gets such happy news soon as well!!!’ 👍🙏
Had one go to Jamaica and about 15 days later was taken by customs. Date on LL was 15 days after tracking said it hit Jamaica. Also LL stated something different in package then what was actually in there and wrong count.
In the past or anything I can track I never noticed a problem with jamica. The must have a newer agent there with xray vision and probably taking the meds home with them.
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