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I sent him an email and he said he sent the info and it probably went into my junk folder but it didn't. I don't know if he's having issues with emails or what but emailing him directly worked for me.
How's the tram quality? He offers those green and yellow caps and the qhite tablets. Any feedback would be much appreciated
Hi all, I'm really interested in the quality and/or any noticeable difference between the green & yellows caps vs the white tablets too. Been getting through a legit Rx for several years now, and stupidly haven't stockpiled. Cue the panic buying / info gathering when I got the call today that my doctor is closing their practice! Even if I find a new legit source quickly, I really need to be smart and stockpile! Used to buy from Click back in the day...
Went ahead and ordered the white tablets since I'm on a time crunch and most people seem to be getting their stuff, bar the few expected LLs here and there. I'll be sure to come back and give my own assessment of the tablets whenever they arrive. Tan's response time has been great so far re: emails and payment.

Using Wise.com to pay was easy-peasy. I checked out some articles about it before signing up - both Forbes Advisor and NerdWallet have info about its' pros and cons. The only really big con to using Wise is the fee if you use a credit card as payment - it's pretty high. But direct transfer is cheap.

Just pay attention to the fees and make sure that you look at what the screen says where it shows what they are receiving. In my case, they were deducting $2.88 USD from the amount being sent to Tan, so before I completed the transfer I went back and added in $2.88 so he'd receive the correct amount for my order.

Also, just because I'm paranoid, I didn't click the link in the email Tan sent. I don't think there is a problem with that link, and Tan wouldn't be in business for too long if there was, but again - I'm a little paranoid. I typed the link directly into my browser.
@koobis Get your senior back and be careful about not forgetting to post.

I did what you did, I stockpiled from numerous sources because I made the mistake of depending on one source. So now I have my favorite (knows who he is 😊). Then two back up sources and stockpiled, I went a little crazy after a panic detox. Even if you don't need them, buy them anyway from a trustworthy vendor.

That way if you DO NEED to detox, you will have plenty to take it slow and careful. Write everything down (in code) how much you are detoxing, you will be surprised how much it actually helps you. Better safe than sorry and having to depend on an emergency visit to the GP, since that will forever remain on your record.

Fail to plan, plan to fail!!!

Good Luck,

How's the tram quality? He offers those green and yellow caps and the qhite tablets. Any feedback would be much appreciated
If you’ve ever had green and yellows these are pretty par for the course. I like them better than the SY stock, never had his whites but I hear they are crumbly which turned me off.
@Grindselector wahhhh! Crumbly. I was afraid of that. Don't know why I chose to go with the white ones for my first purchase. I should have known better! Mine will be here in a few days - the package was processed through NY this afternoon and went to the regional distribution facility. I'll pop back in to this thread once I have them and report on their physical integrity, as well as their effectiveness.
Editing this because I think I said too much about packaging. Let me just say it is stealth!!! Like, so stealth I thought there was an error and got sent something else entirely. I ended up going back and reading this thread some more, and I saw that someone else had the same experience, and they were about to write Tan about it until they figured it out. I almost did the same! Lol

I will return and edit this post again after I eat my snack in 3 hours. :)

I can definitely tell you guys that the white ones are not crumbly at all. In fact, they're a little hard to break down the middle, even though they're scored. I'm not really interested in breaking it in half for consumption, but I tried to. I was unsuccessful.

Second edit: had my snack an hour ago. All is well! I've been on Rx AN 627's mostly and sometimes the 377's. I'm not noticing any notable differences to either of those -- it's maybe just a tiny bit more floaty, but that also could just be psychological since my anxiety about the whole thing is much relieved now. :D

Also, I should note that earlier, I checked the physical integrity of several, not just one. None of them would break in half by hand alone. I didn't try any other method.

Adding the names of two folks that were interested in some of this information specifically: @Roccobigs and @Grindselector

Edit once more: After about 4 hours, I can definitely say these are a little stronger than the typical American Rx. Not like double-dose stronger, but somewhere between feeling like an extra 1/4 stronger to extra 1/2 stronger. The white ones have a bit of a spacey feeling to me. Next time I'll try the green and yellow. I prefer not feeling spaced out. These white ones will definitely make for having a good backup stash though. I don't hate them, just prefer that ever so slight rush of energy I usually get from trams. I know back in the day when I would get the green and yellows from Click, that's how those were. I've seen folks here saying Tan's green and yellows are the same or similar to what Click had back in the day.

One more edit: It's the next day, and I've got a theory about why the white trams feel stronger. I woke up in the middle of the night with what seemed like withdrawals maybe starting. I had a single 50mg at 4:45pm, which is what I normally do -- one in the morning when I wake up and one around 5:00pm, that's it. At 3:30am is when I woke up and my legs were kinda restless and I felt like I was in a little bit more pain, but I wasn't really sure if I was psyching myself out or what. I went back to sleep (or tried to). I slept very badly and the restless legs got worse. At 4:45am I finally just got up and took my prescribed Rx 50mg 377 tram. I was trying to hold off until my usual time, but there was no way I was going to get any sleep, pain was getting worse, and withdrawal was definitely kicking in. On my normal schedule, I never ever ever have withdrawals. Given that these white trams felt stronger and didn't last nearly as long, my theory is that they are some kind of a quick release tram. Of all the trams I've tried, and there have been many (even Rx extended release back in 2013 once), I've never had any that seemed like they were quick release, except these. Dunno if I'm right, but seems like a solid guess. I'm going to be having two minor oral surgeries at the end of the week, so I think these will be great for helping with that if the dentist doesn't prescribe anything. I just have to be on top of knowing how long they last. Seems to be about 10 hours max for me, but it's probably shorter than that. If I had been more cognizant at 3:30am, I would have definitely realized that I was in wd. Even when I went to bed at midnight, I had a slight sense that maybe it was starting to wear off, but I wasn't sure. Normally, if I happened to sleep in until noon or 1pm, I wouldn't already be at the restless legs stage, I'd just be feeling my pain a little more and be able to tell that the tram is wearing off, that's it.
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According to this video I happened upon on Youtube, most of the black-market tramadol isn't real tramadol but rather "dangerous synthetic opiod" product manufactured in China and India. The actual quote can be found around the
7:30 - 8:30 timeline in this video. Since another recent thread on this forum reports that benzos from China have tested positive for fentanyl, I was wondering if anyone here has tested the white tablets or yellow/green capsules, just to be on the safe side?

@rhodes23 good video, thanks for sharing! I remember reading about the plant that was discovered to have "natural tramadol" in it, but never about the other theories for why this may be, other than it was naturally occurring. I also recall watching a video about Western African terrorists groups using tramadol, but I had forgotten about it until this video.

Anyway -- about the purity and/or actual substance. I would love to know. If it's something that's more of a research chem or perhaps even tianeptine, something like that, would that be possible to test for? Admittedly, I don't know much about at-home drug testing kits. I can tell you that for those white pills, I had this ever so slight mild headachy-hangover feeling within about 30-45 minutes, and it stayed many hours after those wd's started. In total, from start to finish, that feeling persisted for about 20 hours, while the drug itself worked for about 10 hours. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. There was a marked difference once it went away. I was awake, working, and then just out of nowhere I felt normal again. I never have a headachy-hangover feeling from tramadol, but I don't know if I would experience that if I took more than my normal amount at once. I used to take a lot more, but that was so long ago, I can't remember specifics. I have an inkling that it might have produced that feeling if I wasn't careful about drinking enough water or timing out my doses correctly, but I truly don't know anymore. However, these definitely didn't give me that small rush of energy trams always give, regardless of dosing time/drinking enough water/etc.

I would love to test these, but I don't know where to start. Also, I super doubt these have fent in them. I am very sensitive to opiods, and I've been on the same dosage of tramadol for years and years now. Even taking a hydrocodone I feel funny; like woozy, and I want to lay down, my eyelids get heavy, etc. Now, I've tried lots of different opioids for my pain, and even used to be on a butrans patch. So, I know how I would react if it was crazy strong stuff like fent. I would be out! lol. If these white trams have anything else in them, the closest thing I've ever had that compares is hydrocodone, which also lasts (for me) for about the same amount of time that these white trams seem to last. I've used those in a pinch once or twice to tide me over between tram Rx refills, and it was really pretty similar to my experience the other day. In any case, I won't be taking these anymore, except for maybe taking some after this oral surgery coming up, if they don't prescribe me something else to help. But even then, I'm very wary of taking them. I just don't like that they were different. I'm not saying they are dangerous. I can't say what they are. I just know I don't care for them (which is also how I feel about hydrocodone and most other opioids, unless I'm needing something additional for managing surgical or other new pains, lol).

Also, p.s. is there a way to test for tram purity specifically, like to make sure it is tramadol in addition to testing against other substances that one wouldn't want in there?
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Take a look at the recent forum thread regarding tainted benzos.
Someone there mentions an easy home test kit for detecting fent, that you can get on amazon.
Not sure if there is a specific test for confirming tramadol though (outside of a professional medical lab.)
Has anyone got the loose green and yellow caps? Any problems with those?
I have fent test strips on hand.
I like the green and yellow better than what you get from SY but I also agree they are a little more spacey than domestic. I don’t think they’re tainted, same as I’ve been getting for years and one got seized and the FDA analysis came back legit
@Kerry, @Pat, @tinmuning, @Remi ...

Hi mods, it's me, again. :rofl: This thread goes back to 2013; could one of you please break this up, maybe to mid-2018 or so, forward? Those old posts are, well, really OLDE, lol! Thanks very much.
JC @calgal99 omg you started doing this stuff at least five years ago. Probably longer. Gotta hand 🖐️ it to you gal. 🚦right now. Eh you know I love your complaining. 🤣🎻 I think that’s a violin. ❤️
Me too, I've been to Asia numerous times and as long as you avoided the well known franchises like Boots etc. Then the small pharmacies are great.
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