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I prefer using paypal too if the vendor accepts this form of payment. Depending on the vendor, they may send a PP invoice. I've also had them send a link to their account and have me fill in the amount to send. If you choose to use PP... never mention anything to do with meds in the comment section as this violates Paypal TOS (terms of service). Otherwise, I find them the easiest way to pay.
Paypal is a good option if they offer you the option of "buying goods and services", much better if they send you the invoice to your email rather than paying on the website. You can open a dispute and really bother the vendor if he lies to you. Also some people like to pay with a new fresh Paypal account and a pre-paid credit card to be more anonymous. So, as an option it's good, the more options with rights to customers the best.
I've never tried using PayPal for an online pharmacy due to anonymity purposes, but glad to hear that others have had good experiences. I try to stick to stick to Bitcoin whenever possible, though it can be a bit inconvenient.
Paypal it's by far the best option for customers, not for vendors who often got their money "frozen" a couple of weeks. If I could choose using Paypal with a credit card it's like double safe, you can charge back through Paypal if something bad happens and also you have the chance to charge back through your bank account.
Paypal it's by far the best option for customers, not for vendors who often got their money "frozen" a couple of weeks. If I could choose using Paypal with a credit card it's like double safe, you can charge back through Paypal if something bad happens and also you have the chance to charge back through your bank account.
Fair points
Having a good source that accepts Paypal seems like a unicorn nowadays. Before, some vendors would allow you to make your first purchase through them to get comfortable, and gain trust. I have not heard of that in a long time though
@Gibson Paypal is the best way to pay to unknown people. As others have said you have 180 days to ask Paypal for your money back if you don't get what you ordered or if something was wrong with the transaction. I have never seen an online pharmacy take Paypal so maybe they trust you enough to no abuse buyer protections of Paypal.
2 weeks ago I made an order of Tramadol on one European Pharmacy who accepted Paypal only for 2 first orders. Otherwise without a very good reputation I would never pay with BTC, Moneygram or similar, but for new companies it's a way to build trust. I received it the order in 3 days and as all was as promised I "liberate" the money. I like that options that can help my money is safe in a jungle more and more full of scams. (Years ago I lost in various places found googling almost 1000$)

But at the end all online pharmacies end banning Paypal payments because people like anonimity and because they freeze the money if buyer and sender don't give passport, bank account and complete details when you reach 200-300 dollars or you have so many activity. So they lose the money. And we have to go through BTC, looks like there will be no other solution for total discretion for both parts.

About stronger drugs like oxy, fenta... no way anyone would accept Paypal payment not even once. In that case you need to search in forums like this one
I prefer PayPal, but I assume it’s too easy for the buyer to refund even after receiving the product.

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Are these requirements real?! Yikes. Guessing that will be out of my realm and reach. :( I can see the 30 days as a member, but everything else would probably be way out of my league.
@Gibson Oh you got a lot replied but paypal it's the most safe option for the customer, and if you pay with credit card money and not with your paypal balance double security. While if you pay with any crypto and the the other person doesn't want to send your order you are naked, you have lost your money. of course if you are going to buy some delicate stuff open another account, don't use an account in which you have 500 dollars in your balance, or pass before all that balance to your bank. the worst thing is that they freeze your account if they think the other person is selling forbidden things, eventually you will recover all but to have your money always available use a clean fresh account and a new credit or debit card only for those "special" purchases. but it's a luxury nowadays someone accepts you Paypal.
@Gibson for starting with a new vendor Paypal is the safest method for you. then probably he will ask you to change to bank transfer, bitcoins or other stuff cause paypal freeze quickly accounts and they can't send legal documents when they are selling something paypal says it can't be sold. be very wary of others that can only accept cryptocurrencies or offer massive discounts in BTC cause you are trusting blindly. also credit card is a good option for first times, ewallets
PayPal is a better way to go if you have the option. Never has a problem mysel.
I much prefer PayPal and know I'm unlikely to get any major issues with PP vendors, at least none that both parties will be hapoy to resolve enough.

Incidentally,, I just had a new vendor offer it as an option 'for my reassurance' so I confirmed I would prefer this option, then they just confirmed they want it sent to 'friends and family' to avoid the fees, this basically defeats the aforementioned 'reassurance' aspect. 🤦‍♀️

Its getting late and I'm fortunately getting tired, so I'm going to watch an episode of 24 and hopefully be sleppy night nights by the time it finishes.
I prefer PayPal. I use it a lot just for regular online purchases. I didn’t know account can be suspended for certain activity , good to know
Paypal has benefits for customeres but for the vendors apart from the taxes and comissions, can be a nightmare, I have a friend accepting Paypal payments on an electronic components shop and they freeze quite frequently their account cause someone make a payment from a strange country or that stuff and ask for a lot of documents. The bad side for vendors is that if Paypal doesn't agree with your reasons they take all the money you have and you have to go to a court which always doesn't compensate. So I also understand why some vendors hate Paypal.
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