Post Requirement Every 90 Days to Retain Senior Status/Access

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We are going to start demoting inactive Senior Members. 10 days from today, that is May 10, 2014, if you have not posted in the previous 90 days, and if you do not post at least once every 90 days in the future, your user title will be changed to "Lapsed Senior Member", you will lose access to the Seniors' area and you will have to make 30 more posts to regain access (catchup posting should not be a lot of very quickly made useless one-liner posts) and to go back to being called a "Senior Member". Reputation scores will not be affected by this, they will not change. The demotion will be automatically done by the system but you will receive a PM from the forum software system about it if it happens to you.

This change is to try to make the Seniors' forum as active and up to date as possible. There are currently 1030 Senior Members but only about 250 of those are active, many just make the entrance requirements then lurk! That's obviously not ideal for keeping this this part of the board useful and up to date. I don't think this is too much to ask considering we provide a free forum which is a safe space to chat and swap feedback away from the eyes of vendors.

You will receive a PM and email after 85 days of inactivity reminding you to log in and post within the next few days or risk being demoted. For this reason among others it is important to register a valid email address (ideally an email which you check regularly) to your PR forum account.


To become immune from this demotion you have to achieve a reputation score of 1,000 or more. Senior Members with reputation of 1,000+will receive a private message stating that they are Senior Members for life with no risk of being demoted.
This right here is something so small, but makes such a difference in what separates this community compared to so many others! I highly agree with this and I am not even a member of the Senior's area yet!
i believe it's supposed to update at 1 AM the day after you reach the requirement so you may have to wait until then to hit the promised land?
“The promised land” 😂❤️
I lost my way to the promised land during the 2-year pandemic!
Too bad admin doesn’t make a one-time “pandemic” exception for all of us lost seniors. 😉
Hi, @greenhybrid It's good to know I am not alone here, Good Wishes to you! I have been trying to post to you, but have had many problems, maybe seniors are not welcome.... Do well, and I will keep you in my mind. :)
Just learned this lesson the hard way.
As did many of us, over time. Start posting regularly for a few weeks to get your status back, then set a calendar reminder for yourself to check in every 4-6 weeks, and you'll be okay! :)

[Edit: No one is trying to get you to lose your status, we just would like to see you here!! And there are plenty of topics on which to participate, even if you don't feel like you have a great deal of wisdom to contibute that day. Heh.]

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Love this forum and want to avoid any lapses as there is such a wealth of information here. Found my go to guy, but these days you never know when it will end.
@Lifeliver Don't let others control what you do, I've came across a few trouble makers although they are generally quite rare here. The best approach is to ignore and not engage them, thats what I do, you aren't under an obligation to reply to people you're uncomfortable with. Sorry you've had such a poor experience. Hang in there, we do have great people on here who are mostly friendly and helpful.
I lapsed bc of bullying in a couple of threads. I felt like I didn’t need that abuse and even though reported, there wasn’t a change. I’ll see if there is a change now.
You don’t have to put up with that. You can mute people on here. This is a great place, with great members, so this is a very rare thing to have to do. The moderators will usually warn someone abusive, and remove them if necessary. You said that you reported it, but nothing happened. Sometimes it is just a personality thing, and just mute them, and you won’t have to deal with it at all. As others have mentioned, sadly, the internet can bring out the worst in people. Around here, that is definitely the exception, not the rule.
Re: As others have mentioned, sadly, the internet can bring out the worst in people. Around here, that is definitely the exception, not the rule.
PR has a certain rarified atmosphere that brings out the best in people; very special place:cool:
@Chancer I think you were in some of those conversations and you were a great support. Usually I don’t care about what others think - and honestly, I didn’t care what they thought about me - but the hassle in my life wasn’t worth it at the time.
@Lifeliver I'm glad I could help you somewhat if I did. In my experience its best to back off before it gets too heated and starts affecting your personal life or viewpoint of the forum in general.

When people start turning a discussion into an argument I just back off and block them if they are particularly rude/condescending etc. I can happily have conversations/debates with people who have opposing views but unfortunately people will take it too personally and go too far and aren't worth the drama, often the purpose is to shut down opposing opinions but if enough people block them then the damage they can cause is minimised substantially and they end up arguing with themselves.

I'm glad you didn't let it affect you too negatively, some battles just aren't worth the drama. Glad you hung in there. 😎
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