returning member forgets rules!

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Big Dummy

Lapsed Senior Member
Dec 26, 2022
Has anyone else almost got in trouble as a returning member without sr privileges?
Seems many things I post get removed and I dont understand why sometimes?
Anyways Ill "keep my nose clean" and try to discuss harmless things...
Aww, don't worry about it for one moment @Big Dummy šŸ’—

I've been in trouble on here now and again. Many people have, even some of the old-timers. It happens.

I saw one thread you started about someone and noticed that had been removed. You did that in all innocence and weren't to know.

The other one I guess was the one about controlled substances, I presume. I only took a look around because I noticed your post count had fallen by two. You won't get into trouble. And you won't be banned.

Just keep posting more anodyne things until you get back into the SS. You could be there in 24 hours from when you first started back I think. 'Think' being the operative word. :unsure:

Maybe look for threads to post on instead of starting your own. And join in the conversation. Pets, music, movies...or more serious ones like all the threads about pain, anxiety, etc.

And @jaders asked you to tell us about your positive changes on the other thread you started. There you go. There's an opening to make more posts that will get your post count up and make, genuine, quality posts at the same time.

To return from being lapsed, your posts don't have to be a certain number of characters as they do for new members and you don't have to wait for a month either. So just post. Don't take it too seriously :giggle:

When you are back in the SS, you will be able to post more freely but do make sure to make a post at least every 90 days to avoid this happening again! Not too onerous!

God, I'm in Mum's bad books again! I really need to stay away from here! I don't so much post as ramble! šŸ¤£šŸ¤£

You can thank me for my words of wisdom though and that will add to your post count šŸ¤£šŸ¤£
Hey @pinkflower , thanks for the advice and I hope you are doing well. I have soo mant things to share, many of which I will wait till the sr section!...

I am really looking forward to reconnecting, withouy "thinking too hard!
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