So what's for dinner?

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Sep 14, 2011
Tonight I'm making a standing rib roast, with baked stuffed potatoes (sometimes I just use feta and garlic but tonight since it's a heftier entree, using extra sharp cheddar and bacon) and sauteed pea pods. Dry red, probably a Cabernet. After an hour or two, pumpkin pie ice cream.
I'd ask for a doggy bag if I lived nearer. Yum :)
My dinner was two rounds of white bread, toasted, with marmalade.
I'm quite the conoisseur ;)
Actually, the junk food is mainly down to the time of year, I do eat 'proper' food occasionally, but can't be bothered when the hibernation sets in (our clocks go back an hour tonight - winter begins...)
I'd ask for a doggy bag if I lived nearer. Yum :)
, but can't be bothered when the hibernation sets in (our clocks go back an hour tonight - winter begins...)

It's a weekend thing...I'll be making fancy sounding leftovers out of it all week.

HATE the clock thing and early darkness ... to those in the world who experience it.
Tonight, no hubby or daughter. So I think it's Sal's New York Pizza with my boys. Ymmm!

So did I @Diamond22! We had a snowstorm today can you believe that in October? I made a baked mac & sharp cheddar cheese casserole with chicken breast. Bottom and topped with seasoned panko bread crumbs. On the side garlic bread topped with parmesan cheese. I love to cook and find it helps to relieve anxiety :)
@naynay Yes, it does help. The seasoning's in the air make the aroma so delicious. The oven turned on make the house all warm and toasty. I love mac & cheese but some of us got those lactose issues. I also could find a variety of ways to prepare chicken before it gets old. If it's something you like to drink, try putting on a pot of apple cider on low and stick a cinnamon stick in it. It's so comforting on these snowy days!
I'm hit and miss with lactose issues. I had to give up alfredo sauce because I would hurt bad enough to end up in the ER :( I use creamer instead of milk when I make the cheese sauce to prevent any "issues":rolleyes:. I've never had warm cider before...and with cinnamon? That sounds soooo yummy I've got to try that thanks @Diamond22 :p

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Still haven't had a chance to eat dinner, got to work at 7am and it is now 8pm and I'm still working, waiting for a concert to end at 2am so I can help tear it down, God I love my Job! Stop everyone, you're making me hungry, but hopefully my dinner will be here soon....

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Everyone I have just rec'd a big a$$ burger with swiss ch and mushrooms and a whole lotta fries, it's gonna be ok....
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Foot long roast beef on Italian bread, American cheese, all the veggies with extra jalapenos from Subway. I don't cook much.
@Alternate It's a weekend thing. In high school I worked as a kitchen prep and then almost a sous chef for a rather high end restaurant owner who was friends with my parents. I learned quite a bit and can still slice an onion almost as fast as a food processor.

Who has time to cook weekdays?

For breakfast this morning ~ Sunday treat ~ I'm having strawberries marinated with Grand Marnier (try it, it's wonderful) over waffles with whipped cream (real cream whipped by hand). Not sure what's for dinner yet.
Any other vegetarians out there? @naynay and others with dairy issues, you can put silken tofu in the blender and add some seasonings to make a nice "white sauce." If you add a bit of vinegar, you get a bit of the "cheesy" note. Also tahini paste with lemon juice makes a good non-dairy base for sauces and dressings. It has a flavor of its own, though.
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@taralumia why can't I see a "helpful" button next to your post? Cuz it's helpful.

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For those of you who do like alfredo and and are lactose tolerate, here's an artery clogger and it's delicious and a snap.

Over very very low heat or cook over steam (double boiler) if you're not a good cook :

1/2 stick unsalted butter
1 cup sour cream
at least of a cup of parmesan/romano/asisgo ~ and if you want to mess with it, cheddar, sharp provolone -- just never mozzarella because it's too stringy
white wine or chicken stock to thin it out.

Voila. No calories in that.
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I like this thread a lot. I used to have a cooking thread on DB and it never got any interest whatsoever. Immediately died.

I haven't cooked anything for awhile, I'm gonna do a standing rib roast, or pork crown roast for Thanksgiving though. My last bone-in pork loin roast was great. I made a chili/garlic paste and injected it, put a nice rub on the outside and was eating good for a week. Cuban sandwiches with a little sliced ham from the deli for leftovers. I was a happy camper. I like to cook pork roasts, compared to beef variations. Or a 15 hour pork shoulder even if I'm feeling patient. Pulled pork is my favorite, not real thanksgiving food though.
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@akl63 the beef standing rib was outstanding. Medium rare as I like it. And they don't know it yet, but my two little dogs are getting a BIG Sunday afternoon treat. One prime rib bone each. They're still puppies, 6 and 7 months, and they've had little pot roast this will be a whole new experience. They'll be busy all day. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, by the way.
I totally wrote standing rib roast because you did @billyboy1965. I meant bone-in pork loin roast, my last one of those was great. (Really 6-7 big pork chops in one roast)

Cuban sandwiches = pork, ham, swiss, pickles and mustard. Hard to make out of beef roast lol.

I do a nice oven braised brisket as well, I don't have an adequate smoker/grill. I use coffee, a little liquid smoke, spices and ancho chilis. So good, I always eat way to much. It just melts though so you can eat it fast, way to easy to overdo it.
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