So what's for dinner?

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Hmmm, potatoes and runner beans, I think, as we have a glut of runner beans at the moment. I also have a ton of home made ice cream as it hasn't been warm enough to want to eat it
Seared wasabi-and-sesame-oil-coated Bluefin tuna with a big "garbage" salad (diced red bell peppers; sunflower seeds, pecans, HATED BY SOME cremini mushrooms, chives and basil and rosemary from the garden), tossed in reduced aged balsamic and EVOO.
I don't know what is going to be for dinner, but i sure don't feel like cooking. Does anyone else just not enjoy cooking? It's hard to be a woman whose entire family depends on you for meals and you just despise being in charge of it. I've done home chef and hello fresh. I still hate every aspect of it. In the next life,i better be a man.
My mother made dinner everynight for our family of six. She was a SAHM. When my Dad retired (kids all out of the house), my mom retired too and never made another dinner. Haha.
@Blackbird123 i do not blame her one bit. My great grandmother was in a wheelchair and did 3 meals a day for life without complaining. I know i need to do better. I got one kid whose now an adult so is not that bad. I'm sure it's the tram withdrawals making me miserable but I've brought it on myself. You reap what you sow.
Been playing with my "new" bread machine (actually bought it years ago and never used it). Thinking I will try a half wheat/half white mix in it. Not sure if I will use butter or oil though. Decisions, decisions.
I was intrigued by a bag of veges at aldis. It is squash, spinach and cranberries. I diced and sautéed some onion until it caramelized and put the mix in a dish and am baking it. It could go all wrong but it smells good.
I am making a delicious pot roast with carrots, celery, onion and mushrooms. It’s in the dutch oven now cooking in the oven for two hours. The gravy is made with red wine and beef stock. yum, so good.

Happy Holidays to each and everyone of you.
A full, traditional Ukrainian Christmas spread:
Perogies (with sour cream)​
Lazy Cabbage Rolls​
Beets & Garlic​
Homemade buns​
sliced pickles (homemade)​
For dessert:
No-Bake cheesecake with cherry pie filling as a topper​
^^ that sounds amazing.

My lovely wife prepared a Xmas feast of leg of lamb, small roasted potatoes, and stuffed artichoke.
The little one has string beans instead of artichoke.
The adults washed it down with a bottle of wine from Burgundy (Mercurey)

My only contribution was dish washing and compliments.
@neionfauhx I hate fast food ,that's all my son wants to eat he's 17 and he can eat some food. He's picky as hell, and I know that's my fault and I hate it. I don't get to cook like I want because he wont eat chicken, steak, spaghetti,shrimp, salmon etc. I can cook too. So, I eat out with him sometimes and I feel awful after wards or sick because of the grease.
Dinner is done, now at this ungodly hour what would make a good late night snack. I know mentioning healthy will be irrelevant :ROFLMAO:
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