Taboo question - Taking “ ———-“ onboard when flying /Help ???

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In my experience if you are flying domestic you should not have any major issues so there is no need for too much anxiety around this as other posters have said if you are super worried just put the pills in a bottle that has a legitimate prescription on TSA officers are totally not bothered about pharmaceuticals when travelling domestic obviously if it is something of the street variety that is a different matter I have flown literally hundreds of times with a bunch of vitamin pills in individual Ziploc bags with the pharmaceuticals as well just say is your daily medication regime unless you're talking about customs of the police you should have nothing to worry about
When you arrive in most EU countries you go though passport control prior to getting your suitcase.So once you pass through you go to baggage reclaim and your freely walk outa the airport without having to deal with any more airport staff or authorities.Easiy to get anything in as they’re so lax you just walk out👌.
Hello my PR friends...I am ok, finally got some pk's and I am just trying to heal physically and emotionally.

I need some ideas. Assuming my health and pain can take the trip, our family is traveling domestically for TG. I think there are enough great suggestions on traveling with pills. I will not pack any meds in my luggage, I want them on my carry on. But I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to camouflage my patches, as I do not have an rx. So far I have not thought of any stellar ways to hide them in my carry on. I don't think I can make this journey without them. I am open to any ideas. I was thinking of going to a drugstore and looking for anything in a box that holds patch size items that I could take out and put in the patches and re-seal the box. ugh.

I am even ok taking them out of their coverings, because I can put them in a sealed baggie or something when I get there. But even the patches themselves have an imprint on them. But they may be easier to hide that way, IDK.

Ideas? Thoughts?

@Musing go to your pharmacy and look for a box of facial wipes or similar that will fit your meds.It’s not a patch by any chance?.
PS put them in your make up bag but make sure you don’t have deodorants or anything over 50ml although I think it might be up to 100ml now?
@Musing, salon pas is a pain relieving patch that comes in several sizes. Maybe swap out some of those for yours? If I remember correctly, the salon pas patches are in sealed foiled envelopes. A box cutter and some super glue could aid you in making a swap of those for yours. Just an idea.

I'm glad you got some meds for relief and hope you have a great trip!
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@Musing, salon pas is a pain relieving patch that comes in several sizes. Maybe swap out some of those for yours? If I remember correctly, the salon pas patches are in sealed foiled envelopes. A box cutter and some super glue could aid you in making a swap of those for yours. Just an idea.

I'm glad you got some meds for relief and hope you have a great trip!
That’s good advice there if you do that I’m SURE you’ll be fine especially if it’s a internal flight rather than an international fight.I take it your in the US as here in the uk they don’t go through as much of a customs issue as it’s an internal flight.Although I know the uk is only a speck in land size than the USA so your airports are pretty strict compared to our little island😉👍.
That’s a very good shout @Blackbird123 take his advice and stay calm @Musing your hardly committing the crime of the century?.But ive flown into JFK YEARS BK over 25yrs back it was intense at customs and I was scared when I saw the police with they’re guns and I can tell you ya don’t wanna fook about with this almost airport army.Let’s not kid ourselves now though lots of airport officials are involved with the cartels!.What is it they say the Gold or the lead and then they tell them where his daughter goes to school ect I mean what chance you got I take my hat off to those that are against it as they’re almost signing they’re own death warrant but that’s a whole different story🤯.
Shit guys I’m STONED on moggies and a beautiful THC vape black mamba it’s the way to go guys no smell but massive hit!.Vape is a 2gm one anyone know how many hits I should get from 2grms ?
Cheers Deanzer….Zzzzzz
Thank you @Blackbird123 and @Deanzer for your suggestions.

Yes, this is a US-to-US trip.

I think I will be fine with the pills as I have a lot of Rx pills and then I can camouflage any other types of pills using the great suggestions earlier in the thread.

As an aside, many years ago I was going through IVF and I had to carry a boatload of meds, needles, and all kinds of stuff - but things were different back then (over 20 years ago, yikes)! But they all had Rx's and I told them upfront what I was carrying and some of it was in a container as I had to keep some of the meds cold IIRC. And that was a trip going to the UK. And they couldn't care less. Sadly, for various reasons, it didn't work. I had a lot of issues, and we knew it was a long shot. So the furballs become our kids.

Back to 2023 - I am so nervous, I am a terrible liar, although I don't think I would have any trouble with any pill questions as I have a lot of supplement bottles and things like that. And will also be carrying a bunch of Rx meds. The strongest med is gabapentin!

But the thought of getting caught with patches - OMG....

Yes, I have used salon pas and that is a great idea. The key is finding a box of some other patches (like Salon pas) that are the same size and swap them out and resealing the box as BlackBird suggested.

@Blackbird123, do you think it would be better to swap ALL of the Salon Pas out (if I can find the right size), or do as you suggested and just swap SOME out? I think the x-rays can see through foil now. And the 2 different patches would most likely NOT be exactly the same size. And if the Salon Pas choices won't work, hopefully, I can find some other patch box that is the right size.

I think I will take a trip to my large chain pharmacy and do a really good browsing. (I actually do have some Rx's waiting for me)!

Sadly, this may be moot since I wrote this post earlier yesterday. (I am an insomniac and it is in the wee hours of the morning). One of my geriatric cats has kidney problems (most indoor cats usually die from Kidney failure), but up until today, she was doing great, aside from drinking a lot! She was visiting my DH and I on the bed and visiting with the other cats. We got some weight back on her by giving her a "lunch" of baby food fortified with taurine and other good minerals cats need, and she also eats the regular wet food that is there for breakfast and dinner. She groomed herself, and we thought she was doing really well. No red flags aside from the knowledge that Kidney failure is progressive.

She likes to hang out and sleep in the bathroom as we have a stand-up heater next to her bed (there are a few in there as other cats like to visit her). And heated floors so she really likes the heat. Today I went in there and she was sleeping in her bed and she had urinated in it but had not switched beds to groom herself. So she is on the road to becoming incontinent which for my DH and me is a quality of life issue, especially for cats, and if this continues we don't want her to suffer. She is at the age when this happens.

So I will be in no shape to go on this trip if we have to put this kitty to sleep. We have already lost 2 kitties this year. One I wrote about in the "tell us about your pets" thread. I am still in mourning over losing her.

And I am also worried that my kitty will pass while I am gone. DH is staying at home to watch over the furballs, but still...

I have some time to see if her accident in the bathroom was an anomaly, or if she is losing control of her bladder.

So, with all of this weighing on my heart, I have to go to the large pharmacy chain and look for options for my patches. I need them to get through this trip...I am still healing from my spinal surgery earlier this year, and I have to get surgery for my torn meniscus which hurts if I take a wrong step...I could go on and on.


Thank you everyone for your great suggestions, and I am just going to have to take this day by day. All of our cats are rescues, and they are all loved and spoiled rotten, and all are....old. :( But we are never selfish and let them suffer.

Sorry for the long post that has gone off-topic. I guess I needed to let it out, I knew she was going into kidney failure but this was the first time she was incontinent. And didn't leave to go to a clean bed and groom herself - and she is fastidious about that.

I know not everyone sees cats and dogs the same way as I do, and that is fine. But going through this is heartbreaking. I don't think I will sleep tonight and I have a doc appointment tomorrow.

But I am going to think positively about my kitty, and if anyone has any other suggestions about the patches, please keep them coming.

Thank you for listening, my PR friends. I wasn't expecting to write a book....
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@Musing , I am sorry your kittie may be very ill.

I am not sure about the all or some swapping patch question. Pros and cons to each. LMK when you are ready to do it and we can chat again if you want. Largely depends on how easy the swap is.

You had meniscus surgery? My DD (22) just had that. Do you know if they repaired or removed it?
Thank you @Blackbird123 - going to go to the chain story tomorrow and look around.

My kitty rallied! This was the first time it has happened, and I keep checking her beds and she has been using the box. I know her time is limited. If the incontinence had continued we would have done the right thing. I'm gong to PM you about the meniscus because I have a habit of hijacking threads.

So then I get an email from my Ulc. Colitis doc and he wants to do more labs as my labs are wonky from 9 days again when I had my infusion. So I also have to get that done, and I messaged him about the labs and traveling - I hate to say this but I don't want to go on this trip. I don't feel great, some of you know what this year has been like for me. So I asked my UC doc about his thoughts on traveling, etc, with all that has been going on medically. But he may still say I'm good to go. But he has never asked for more labs before after an infusion so he may want to CHA. (I hope so).

I did tell my mom that this was going on...

But I still have to prepare that I may get guilted into going if I get medical clearance. So off to the chain store tomorrow.

Thanks everyone, I will keep you all posted.
@Musing sorry to hear about your troubles. salon pas-or whatever store brand is closest in size- is an excellent idea.i suggest you buy them in two or three sizes, so you have a collection and one box is not so noticeable. they really don't care very much, and you have all your prescription meds so you should be fine. i hope your kitty is better soon!
Thank you @notcharlotte Yes - no more accidents and she is using her box and eating like normal, and drinking a lot but that is a side effect of kidney disease. So she is doing fine and I am relieved for the moment. I am not kidding myself, she has a progressive disease and as I mentioned earlier the moment she displays any quality of life issues (not eating, incontinence, not being able to walk) - we will know it is time. She has always slept a lot, and more so when we lost her sister, her best friend, early this year. (Kidney disease). I think her emptying her bladder happened when she was sleeping and it didn't wake her up. It has never happened before, and so I am keeping a watchful eye on her.

Back to the issue at hand....
Your idea about the different brands and sizes is excellent, and I was thinking the same thing today.

So I bought 3 different types of otc pain patches. One was EXACTLY the same size. But through the x-ray I think they will be able to see the imprint on the patch, as the same size one doesn't have much writing on each patch. The SP brands that @Blackbird123 mentioned are not singled out - they are connected, and folded over each other. They are in some sort of foil-ish covering, but my patches are a bit bigger. And I am pretty sure the machines can read through the foil-ish material. I have to assume it can be, from what I have read lately about x-ray tech. And the third one I bought had 2 sizes in it. One of the boxes is large and one thought is to put a mix of all of the different patches in the larger box. It would help obscure the imprint of MY patches on the X-ray with the different brands and writing on each type. My worry with multiple boxes is getting back to my original worry, being able to recognize the patch. I am thinking of a bunch of different brands and sizes all in the big box.....oh I don't know. Would they be curious?

I just happened to be near this big chain pharmacy today, but I still have to go to my big chain pharmacy to get my prescriptions. So I am going to go there tomorrow and browse around some more and see what they have.

I am waiting to hear back from my doc - I messaged him and asked him if he even recommended flying after what I've been through lately, and learning that I am anemic (it doesn't look horrible, but still...) So secretly I am hoping he will say to be safe and stay home!

Getting labs drawn tomorrow but not sure when we get the results. But he may have all the info he needs already from my pre-infusion labs less than 2 weeks ago. (they do a blood draw right before the infusion to see how your labs are, and they check a lot of things). So there were enough red flags for my doc to want to do more tests.

Ugh. I am not sleeping, I am stressed, I am not cut out to be a person who has to deal and worry about things like this so I can function at a family reunion that I don't even want to go to. At home I can have my meds and get through the day. I have not traveled on a plane since I was diagnosed with my UC around 10 years ago. (Although it is not the actual traveling, I think I will be ok, I will hurt, but be ok, it is these patches that is the worry). And am I healthy enough?


If my doc recommends not going, heck I will just use all of the otc pain patches where my back still hurts from my spinal surgery. I do use them sometimes but they don't do much tbh. But my travel problems will be solved!

Thanks, everyone...
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@Musing, I am no longer a fan of travelling either. I agree with @notcharlotte to mix up different sizes and/or types of patches in a patch box. Really TSA has no interest in your personal meds. I 100% believe that. Important to not look like you are hiding them, just toss them in with the other patches in a patches box.

I have travelled with all sorts of meds, tossed in together in a single script bottle. TSA never checks. They don't care and don't have time. I fly about 3 times a year.

Let us know what your doctor says about travelling. I bet he says it's your decision. Travelling is brutal these days but I find my noise cancelling headphones and fav album to be a huge help. I am also a fan of the aisle seat so I can get up ocassionally. I also travel with a butt pillow to make the airline seat not so hard. Try hard not to overpack your carryon. Reaching down to get stuff out is not a good activity for recovering spines.
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@Musing, like @Blackbird123 sats above, no, i don't think they trouble themselves to notice the stamping on individual pain patches. they look for explosive items or weapons (like a big bottle of shampoo!). you will have an assortment of patches and they won't bother with it. they have too much else to do.

i hope it all works out. the guilt over holiday visits is insane. let's hope your doc gives you a plausible excuse to stay home and be comfy.
Thanks again. So I went to the other big chain store and picked up some more patches and I think just putting a boatload in the biggest box, maybe it should look like it has been opened as they will see multiple sizes and different I got today I did open and it was one of the ben gay types that makes your back (or wherever you put it) hot. It has little holes in it which is very different from all the others.

I have not heard from my doc - so surprising as he has always been great at replying to my messages. So I sent one today - I made it short - what is your opinion on having to travel on 2 planes to get to this place where it is cold? Something to that effect.

Nothing. Tomorrow I may try to call but he works at a big hospital and someone takes a message and who knows how many people read it before (or if) it gets to him.

But there I was at the chain store today, looking at travel-size stuff, and browsing, and my back hurt so much. I was actually holding in the tears as I was looking and walking around. I was doing well with my back recovery but after tearing my Meniscus, and then landing in the hospital with pneumonia, all the core strength I had gained went out the window. I am going tomorrow and am going to talk to my physical therapist about my quandary.

I did get my labs done today...I still think this was not the test he wanted, but I am tired of radio silence. Maybe I misunderstood.

When I was talking about packing with my mom, she started talking about packing meds - she has a lot. She doesn't even bring the bottles, she puts each day in a baggie! But who is going to question a 90 year old woman? I think I should bring as many rx bottles as I can, and then maybe some baggies with "vitamins", etc. I don't think any of my pills will raise eyebrows as there is nothing much to hide. I also have one of those "days of the week" plastic things where I could fill up each day, and if I am asked anything I could have my rx's printed from my pharmacy website, and say anything else are vitamins. I do have some supplements. The only ones that might stand out are some pink V's that do not have an imprint.

I told my mother from the moment she planned this trip that I didn't want to go. I said I didn't want to go for x, y, and z reasons. She knows how stressed I am about traveling - not because of the meds, but because of my worry about my pain, and now the wonky labs. And I have not traveled since all the new rules came into effect.....ugh! But this reunion is important to her and she is in a way guilting me into going as in her mind this may be her last chance to get everyone together. But sorry, it is not that important to me at this moment in my life. But I hate disappointing my amazing mom.

OMG I am sorry I am such a mess, and unloading on all of you every night. Thank you for listening and caring.
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God I keep nodding out nd fucking up my responses. I just did it today. Put them in with a used ibuprofen bottle. I got pulled out fpr secondary search which has NEVER happened and I've done this a few times. Turn out they were looking at a big bwag of coins. haha they literally didnt even pull ot the big bottles of pills i had. I just always make sure I have a couple extra also.
edit: And to remphacize this was the first time i'd ever been taken to the side. If its pills i dont they really. A schedule 1 substance would probably be a diffrent story
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@Musing if you don’t want to go, don’t go. You’re old enough to make that decision on your own. Don’t be guilted into doing something you don’t want to do. However, if you would feel bad that you didn’t see someone and they died, then go and just stop worrying. I’ve traveled thru Europe with a few meds and no one ever checked anything. The X-ray won’t pick up the printing.
I agree with @Lifeliver. If you don't want to go, don't. Just tell your Mom your doc said it was a bad idea, even if he never calls you back. Folks who don't have chronic pain just don't get it. Well except for our friends here but that's coz they read alot of our posts.
I've never had issues flying with medicine. Like others suggested, I just throw a small amount of X medicine into a bottle of something like ibuprofen or allergy meds.
Thank you @Taizen1992 @Blackbird123 @Lifeliver @limoncello232 and @notcharlotte

So I watched a bunch of packing videos today and the patches that are sealed in foil are not a good idea because they do raise a flag. Whether they just make it hard to see things, obscures details, IDK but I won't be putting any of that in there.

I did go to get my rx's today and looked at the patches, there were some different ones and I bought a couple.

So my labs are coming in one by one. Now my iron looks ok, but my B12 is sky high. Reading about that is not fun. I think my doc is waiting for all the tests to come in but I am not sure how long some of them take.

So yes, I am an adult, and I am frightened by the idea of being caught with this med. I just know that my mom and siblings - none of whom truly understand my CP and what the past years have been like for me, and especially this year in particular. So I will get phone calls and the stink eye from my sibs. I am not sleeping, my UC is acting up a bit, my whole body hurts, and I am acting like I am going on this trip - but waiting on more labs or word from my Doc. I even bought a carry-on with rollers (I needed one anyway), not for travel but it will be useful for other things.
I really don't care so much about what my siblings think, only that I am disappointing my mom, who has been the kind of mom that everyone would love to have. This guilt thing - she has never done this before. Not so much guilt but...well, I just cannot explain it. She really is in denial, as when she brought this up MONTHS ago, I wasn't all excited at the idea, she felt that vibe coming from me and I finally broke down and said that I didn't want to go, I am going through so much right now, and the thought of traveling with all these new rules, and stress f*cks up my UC - I just didn't want to do it!!! This is the first time she hasn't said something like - "I totally understand, we can Facetime or zoom or whatever - you need to take care of yourself"!

I mentioned this earlier and I think that she knows her time is limited, which breaks my heart, and family is so important to her, and my not being there would break HER heart. I know I have always been her favorite, and was my Dad's.

But she also doesn't know the major reason for my anxiety which is why my PR friends are the only people I can talk to about this. She has been trying to do this fam "reunion" for a long time and she is so excited.

I still have a few more days to ponder. I love all of your replies.

My mind is so tired. My body is tired. I am tired of thinking about this.

I am going to browse for a few minutes and maybe watch something mindless on tv and try to get a brain break.

Thank you again. I am so sorry to keep whining about this. It is not really normal for me.
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