Taboo question - Taking “ ———-“ onboard when flying /Help ???

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i literally wouldn't worry *at all* about TSA ever. i have gone through there so many times with so many different things on me. i remember when i was younger i did get scared for a moment once. about 8 years ago i was flying out of jfk and TSA pulled me aside and pulled my toiletry bag out of my backpack. i assumed they must have spotted the several sched I substances inside and resigned myself to my fate. lady pulls my toothpaste out of the bag and tells me "sir this toothpaste is too large". i told her she could keep it lol.

from what i understand they are obliged to report really obvious stuff, and i don't think any small amount of medication would be considered to be obviously contraband. there is just sooo much medication going through those lines. they are specifically not trained to know different medication names and schedule levels, or to verify prescriptions. they're trained to look for weapons, period. the whole thing would grind to a halt if they stopped to inspect every 60ct pill bottle that goes by them.

now, a foil packed patch i could see potentially sticking out slightly more but if you just wrapped them in plastic instead they'd never look twice, they would look like stickers. CBP is a different story but I walk through there with a dozen blisterpacks thrown in my backpack or pockets and they don't even look twice so
TSA is just looking for things that go bang.
I travel several times a year with a syringe and vial of medication as well as pills I no longer have a prescription for. TSA is not in the business of looking for things like this. I am concerned that they might take my syringe away because it has a 1.5" needle, but it's never happened. Can't speak for other countries, but so far have never had trouble other than my medications bag disappearing without them saying anything in a shitty country on the other side of the planet. I also keep three tablets of absolutely required medication on my key chain at all times, often one in my wallet.
Pills in a pocket are a bad idea. With the scanning equipment used at all airports they will see it and make you take it out, then you get felt up with blue gloves. I prefer the metal detector lanes when given a choice, but not for medication reasons. While it's not exactly a sexy place, I've tried to go through with an erect penis for the scans as a "f-you" to the system.
Yes as long as you are not carrying large amounts of powder-based illicit drugs or stinky weed I don't think the TSA could care less about pharmaceuticals generally why do is get one of those daily pill organisers and mix them all up in there with multivitamins et cetera et cetera that way if you do actually get pulled up and you haven't got a prescription is pretty normal for people to group their daily meds together in one of these box dispenser things
Last flight on Sunday after Thanksgiving I had a factory sealed bag of high end botique chocolate powder, about the size of a brick. They pulled it out and swabbed it to see if it was explosive. If I had been acting nervous instead of laughing when they found it there might have been an issue.
@0P I'm sure they won't even ask, I bring anywhere from 6-20 bottles pi k liquid methadone when I fly along with adderall, Xanax and soma and TSA has never done so much as open a bottle or ask a question.
I think you'll be OK.
I think the same I have it them in leather small purse in my pocket and when I cross the lines for checks I just put with my phones and nobody asked me anything about them
@Mira Happened to me 6 months ago. Left a pill in jeans pocket and was pulled over for enhanced search. Lucky for m3, she did not find it but look out ...
Um... pills aren't checked when flying. You don't need a prescription. Can you imagine how long security would take if we started checking everyone's pills?!
I cannot remember if I posted anywhere the ending to my traveling with meds saga to the TG Family Reunion.

I TRIED to take the emotions and the meds out of the equation.

I looked at 2023.

I am immunosuppressed due to my Remicade infusions every 8 weeks. I have other health issues that also are immunosuppressive.
I am in chronic pain unless I have my meds.
I fractured 2 bones in my foot this year. (which healed perfectly, thank goodness). I am small boned.
I finally had my lower spinal surgery in L3,4 this year. I was trying to be consistent with my PT but it was difficult. I would make progress strengthening my core, and then I would get a physical setback. Wash, rinse, repeat.
I tore my Meniscus in my knee and had already had the surgery planned right after Xmas. (I think by then the date was set).

Then I took a look at the trip:
2 planes there.
2 planes back.
Lots of car rides.
Being around a zillion "relatives" whom I had never met before.
Being in a bunch of different houses and a hotel.

It was all just too much. I decided not to go. Once I made the decision, I felt a weight had been lifted off my back.

Everyone that went - not just my immediate family, but everyone, came home with COVID.

In the aftermath, everyone told me I made the right decision - because I would have been right there with everyone else who caught it!

So I made the right choice. I probably would not have been medically cleared to get my upcoming meniscus surgery. (which ended up getting pushed a tiny bit, but that is another story and not a big deal).

The good thing is that I learned a lot about other people's experiences, ideas, and advice - all fantastic information for me (and hopefully others' too), as I am sure this will come up again at some point in the future.

I would like to thank everyone again for all of their tireless help. I love this forum, the support - everything about it.

I hope 2024 is better than 2023, as 2023 was...challenging!
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