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Do You Love Me? The Contours (1962) USA #1 (R&B) USA #3 (Pop) BillBoard @seashells

Also, from the official soundtrack of "Dirty Dancing" & "More Dirty Dancing"
starring Patrick Swayze & Jennifer Grey (1987) Vestron Motion Picture "Dance Scene"
Oops!!! (out of sequence) @danis

Here is another one from Motown: I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honeybunch) The Four Tops 1965
USA #1 song week of 19 June 1965 x 2 weeks in a row (Source: Billboard NY NY)
Blue Moon - Rodgers and Hart. Yes, they wrote both this and 'Blue Room':, but 'Blue Moon' is supposed to be a bit campy and corny and trashy. "Blue Room" is a great song, especially sung by Ella Fitzgerald in the Rodgers and Hart Songbook and works well with jazz bands.
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