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I have done one in person transfer since I was locked out, but it was to a completely different vendor in a completely different location. The story is on a thread somewhere, but the crazy woman at Walmart went through and started saying "so you don't want to send it to X, or X, or X? and just listed every single contact I had in front of a line of people waiting. Not happy and not willing to do that again. Not sure if she was just trying to be "helpful" or if she thought she knew what I was doing and wanted to harass me in her special kind of way.
I have stopped using any SY vendors at all and have found someone else now that I can use a cc with instead of the MG or WU hassle.
I had MG issue just this Monday. This was my second transfer online to a different receiver name than the first one (same SY). It was approved immediately, but then when I tried logging in the next day to check the status I got an error with a an 800 number. When I called I was told that it had been flagged by security, but only after the money had been sent. She warned me that the name was a flagged one and to not send to it anymore, but then unlocked my account so that I could track it. As of now my online account is in tact, but I do believe I will be going in person from now on.

My question is, how do you track a transaction if not online? I have never sent money in person before. Will I be flagged again if I use my name?
If my moneygram was blocked online because "the recipient is suspected of gamblimg" will they block it if i go to walmart and send it by paper form? Do they do any sort of check on the recpient like that?
@marphtwo - Although I don't have any PERSONAL expereince on this EXACT SITUATION AND TOPIC my intution and work experience would say YES - all MoneyGram activities are routed through a central computer system (I used to work at a GroceryStore that sold MoneyGrams products) - the person behind the counter enters your info and the receiver's info into the compute and that info is sent to the central computer system - at that point the transaction either goes through - or a numbered denial code will be spit out - since you're already FLAGGED online - my guess would be a numbered denial code will be spit out - but again - that's just my best guess from my work experience.

My suggestion would be changing a letter or two in your name - Most clerks don't verify IDs very well - If your name is James - it to Jim - that could potentially allow your name to pass the computer check - Just make sure the RECEIEVER knows of any changes you make as they have to provide your EXACT name

Again, it never hurts to try it out either - the worst thing that happens is that the clerk says your transaction is denied - you won't be out any money - just a trip to Wal-Mart.
@Kittsoan1989 It wasnt me that was flagged, i was the sender in this case. The recipient was flagged and they wouldnt let me send money to them online. regardless it sounds like it goes through the same computer system. oh well....i sent the money through usps ha ha they said as long as i put "documents" on the form, it wont get stopped or opened.
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@marphtwo - Ah - I see - I misread your first post - you are correct though - it will ALL go through the same system. Sending cash through the mail is RISKY - I've done it before but EUGGGGGH... scary (until you know it's there)!
Ok, so if my online account was frozen because of the recipient being flagged, and then unfrozen when I called to inquire, I shouldn't have an issue doing MG in person? BTW it seems my SY gives me a different recipient name each time (only 2 thus far) :)

Still wondering how to track MG to see if received when it's not done online. Do I just need to call?
MoneyGram at Walmart, tracking?

Yeah that behavior just seems entirely uncalled for. I went ahead and sent an in-person MG at Walmart using a different contact phone number. The clerk was most helpful, did not create any scene, helped calculate the send amount as close to the target payment value as possible, and even tried to help me guess which name went into which field (is it the first last name, the middle name, etc.) -- successfully!

I was just informed that the MG was picked up without incident.

This was sent to, of course, a different recipient in a different country all together than the one for which my account was flagged by security and subsequently closed.
Still wondering how to track MG to see if received when it's not done online. Do I just need to call?

Can anyone confirm that calling MG (800-666-3947) is the only way to check on the status of a transaction sent from an MG location? I didn't exactly want any additional human beings looking into my transaction than absolutely necessary, so I hung up after having entered my tracking number and being placed in a queue to speak with a live agent. Thanks!
Just sent my first Moneygram yesterday. Wish I had read this first. A good thing, I did pick up the form(s) in order to fill out at home, so I basically followed the information in the post. Still was a bit nervous, but all went swimmingly. No questions at all from cashier. Thanks for your post. I'm sure it will help many first timers.
How much does moneygram usually charge for the sending and the currency conversion? I tried using their website but it isn't working for me.

Say I want to send 52 GBP (=$82 USD) to an IOP, what would the total be around? $100 or so?
Well, I have had success with using Moneygram online. I prefer it this way because I don't want the clerks all in my business. Now western union online is another story, it always gets flagged when you send money outside of the USA online.
I've never been comfortable with online MG. Only time I did it the transaction was flagged and I had to call an 800 number. Totally got the third degree, just explained it was a friend who needed money and they surprisingly let it go through. Not worth the stress though. Hopefully in person they don't flag things so easily.
Thinking about using an old contact that has been around since the 1980's. They take Moneygram and Western Union. All I have used for the last couple of years is Amex. Spouse just shakes head when packages arrive. Any suggestions on which is better to use.
I've heard 'campfire stories' where Moneygram transactions done in person go through where the same transaction was denied online. I've never done one online so I don't know for sure.

In the past I've had a few Walmart clerks start down the wrong path during a transaction .. pointing out prior transactions to certain parts of Mexico or (distant past) Pakistan. I've found if I smile in a warm Charles Manson sort of way with a "and your point is?" pleasant attitude, their weapons of fear and surprise are gone. It can actually be kind of fun.
@Bungalobill I've also had a Walmart clerk question why I was sending money where I was. I told her that it was a friend in need and that I was being a friend indeed to them. I then asked her if she was in that position in a supposed 'particular' location would she appreciate someone questioning the transaction or would she rather the transaction just occur?

She smiled largely and off the money and I went. :)
Tracking MG

I just sent my first MG a few days ago and went to the website to track it. Low and behold there is no tracking option (like WU). Is the number on the receipt the number you call for tracking??

Also I did mine on the "red phone" at the MG location. It was pretty easy. A lady gets on the phone (who spoke broken english lol) and confirms everything then you walk over to the cashier and it pops up on their screen and you hand them the money. WU is a little different but I guess all places kinda do it differently.
Okay, I need help from some of you MG aficionados.....an SY vendor has provided me their information, but they provided no street address....just the name, city and state in Mexico......is this enough information, or do they need to supply the street address?
Okay, I need help from some of you MG aficionados.....an SY vendor has provided me their information, but they provided no street address....just the name, city and state in Mexico......is this enough information, or do they need to supply the street address?

The minimum you need to fill out for receiver is:
Receive Country
Receive State/Province
First Name
Last Name

So you should be g2g.
i have never had any issue with western union ever, i waslk in, show them my customer card, tell em where to send the money and im out in 2 mins. weird thing is EVERY time i go to western union theres at least one person in there that just reaks of pot; and i mean unburned raw pot lol so clearly they arnt too strict
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