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Sep 21, 2023
A good friend of mine made about 3 purchases here from USA to India, totaling about$1100. He told me he could not send any more money via WU as he had exceeded the amount that could be sent to India specifically in a relatively short period of time. He told me he'd called them to no avail, that he would have to wait for a period of time and then he would be ok. Buys took place in July and Aug. He was not able to WU to India until Dec. Has anyone had a similar problem?
The woes of WU. If I ever ran into problems with monitoring and policing, I would try to switch gears to moneygram or vendors. What I order doesn't ever amount to much but I still could run into problems with that payment method.
I gave up on WU years ago.
Having used them carelessly in the past, I got a glimpse of the screen that the clerk was on when taking my last payment info - WAYYY too much information stored on me, my various aliases and different apartment addresses! I used to change up for every order and assumed that if I used a new "throw away" tel number each transaction, I was good. Not a chance - the clerk knew in each case I was BS-ing but, for some reason letting me skate.
Then I got into an interrogation session on an SY situation. That did it for me and I STUDIED crypto.
That's all I will do now. Their (WU, MG, etc.) computer algorithms can figure it all out - and you out, too.
Cryptos are the best thing since the proverbial sliced bread :cool:
To answer your question No I have not. But have had other issues with WU. A while back I belong to a large national credit union and need cash for an emergency expenses. Lost me debit card and they told me we could western union money to you from you. And since the limit with WU I think was 900 or 950 and need 2300 and at a cost of 50 bucks each transfer I had to do it.

Well the first one went through no problem. Me picking us the cash was a different story when the clerk say it was from me to me. First store refused. Then I went to a local liquor store and they did it no problem. Only other issue with WU was one time the clerk keyed in the wrong account number for payment. My fault for not checking. When I got the the next statement and saw I had a late fee. Called the credit card company and then western union. I spent over 3 hours working on it. Came to find out the credit card company has a bunch of payments sitting in a bucket with wrong accounts and they can’t post them.
I figured when I thought to post on a WU thread, that I would be standing in line. Not as bad as I figured. I burned my MG bridge a decade ago as I had sent the same name to Serbia forever. Started with WU and was denied by a service in a Walmart. Was not banned but just denied. Began with WU online and went off without a hitch for many years. Their are still many great sales reps that can basically send $ over the phone if you are struggling. Just last week they needed a photo of drivers liscence to prove it was me due to recent fradualant/phishing activity on this card. This morning I got a receipt of a recent WU transaction in the mail, a receipt, nothing more. Getting the feeling maybe I should lay low on WU activity? Or would using a different card resolve this? It would make some since that a case was opened with the FTC, maybe I should watch out or at a very minimum, use cash at a B&M WU?
@Davey Crockett Using a different card won't change anything if you're using you're account. If you have anyone who you trust to make an account and let you use it that would work. I hope more form members read this next part, Walmart will ruin you with MG. They will get you blocked, or they will fix it so it just doesn't work. I had a girl go in and send $$ one time for me and she had never even used MG before. That Walmart got her banned trying to send to Serbia after the first try. Online is much better, still try to stick with one COO. Even then, it only will last so long.
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