What is your vice?

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Feb 26, 2017
Anyone have a vice?

I always need something...but right now I sort of am a bit all over the place and don't really have ONE major vice but rather, have a few crutches.

I used to smoke but quit 3 years ago.

I don't drink as I hate the taste of alcohol.

I don't gamble. I don't do hard / street drugs. I don't shop to excess.

I DO looove chocolate and sweets, and I am of course self-medicating with pills.
My vice is taking all my meds and occasionally I have a "Good&Plenty" attack. Yesterday I quickly drove to the corner store for some and they only had tiny packs of it. I wanted a big box and the guy helping me was stupid and didn't get it. I was pissed and aggravated so I drove to the next corner store and they had it. I had to open the box and eat one before I bought it tho, cos sometimes it gets stale.
I have no vices, lol. But I love a bit of dark chocolate, self medicate as all of us do here, don't get enough exercise and buy lots of cheap chinese junk. I also spend too much time on ebay and message boards, I do not think kindly of trouble makers or those who have done me wrong. Other than that and a few other things I may have forgotten, I'm as perfect as can be... or as can be expected.
My vice is Pinot Grigio, sipping a nice cold glass right now. It's not really that I drink too much as my limit is about 2 glasses but I'm trying to drop a few pounds and wine is empty calories.
The question should be, what isn't my vice?

Not too bad really. I think I have cycled through all of the above.

I always had Coca Cola addiction. That is not the worst of it but I wonder what it is about Coca Cola that is addictive besides the caffeine. I can get that from other sources but it doesn't do the trick. Other sodas don't either. I researched it and there is no answer that makes sense except the caffeine. That has to be it.

Chocolate has theobromine in it which explains why chocolate has been absolutely necessary at times. I don't get the Good and Plenty cravings either. I don't get them, but I don't see what the secret ingredient could be.
Aside from pills (which I am tapering off of) my vice is estate sales. I spend a lot of time looking through them, going to them and buying shit I don't need. Seems that the addictive personality always finds an outlet. Maybe my next one will be exercise:)
Sadly (or happily, depends on how you look at things) my only remaining vice is making love with my wife. I wish you could see her, she's gorgeous. 12 years married, two children and still sexy as hell!
This is so sweet--i hope my guy feels the same way in years to come xox

My biggest vice is not so romantic--i love Vietnamese take out the best--my hubby hates it haha so it is my guilty pleasure
I'm like you, I don't smoke or drink, but I've rotate throughout vices through the years.

Once I was addicted to exercise, but that was 20 years ago. When I was in school it was Diet Pepsi Big Gulps from 7-Eleven.

Aside from self medicating which is necessary per my current condition, my current vice is landscaping and gardening (weird, I know, but I get so into it and can spend hours at a flower nursery or outside trying to cultivate something, like my lemon trees that won't grow any lemons. Another one is shopping for the best possible deal I can find on whatever I it is I'm buying, which is mostly clothing. I've become such a good shopper, I will never pay retail again! It did become a bit of a problem over the holidays though, and it sucks up a lot of time.

Wish I could make exercise my vice again. WAIT, I thought of another vice.....Pintrest! I could literally be on that site all day and have to make myself stop and walk away from the computer sometimes.

I don't know if you would call any of these things vices. Thinking this though a little more, maybe I just have OCD. Oh well......
My current vice is as prescribed by my doc and psych. Luckily or unluckily (however you want to see it) I'm prescribed klonopin, valium, d-amp and cialis. I don't need anything from the street with this combo and it is closely monitored. I guess you could call it moderated addiction.. Nothing lasts forever though...
Yay! I'm not alone! Lol. We all need something.

Also, I am addicted to watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills...and ah...embarrassingly, old episodes of Bad Girls Club. Oh my, it is BAD! Lol.

Oh and @JAMMY B, I too find tattoos and piercings addictive! I have 3 body piercings, excluding ears, and 4 small tattoos. I always want more.
Canned junk food. Every now and then I binge on the stuff, and I don't know why honestly. I can make food that is 10X more healthy and tasty. But, every now and then...I just....dead giveaway is the ring of sauce that usually gets trapped on my face afterwards/

"Have you been eating that stuff again??" {yes}
I do, or have done most of the above except piercings and tattoos and Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee, willingly. Buying stuff I don't need like @Missmolly has always been a favorite. I try to limit it to small items or practical items. Medication is small and practical and part of the appeal is the purchasing itself, though it is stressful.

Some things I do need, but others are simply to have the well stocked pharmacy.

@persnip I used to do the estate sales and thrift stores but not so much anymore because I learned not to do that. I don't need that cool thing, but it is still ok to look. I might go on a binge for a particular item, usually something small. I have several things going on right now that require acquiring.

Hobbies are fun, but the funnest thing about them is the stuff you have to buy. That can apply to anything that has been mentioned. Once I buy all the stuff, then I lose interest in the hobby. I really do try to consider that everything must have a place before I buy it. I didn't used to know about that.

I did the Vaping thing for a while and I bought all the stuff and mixed up all the flavors but I lost interest. I liked everything involved in the process more then the activity itself.
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