What Made You Frown Today?

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@notcharlotte sorry to hear about your vision problems
Has any doctor talked to you about if a corneal transplant could be an option for you?
I have an elderly relative who I believe had the same issue in both eyes, although it could have been another illness that began with the word 'corneal' and I'm misremembering. My aunt was able to get her scheduled for an appointment at a very well-renown hospital and they recommended and performed a corneal transplant. Prior to having the transplant she was almost blind and she had amazing improvement in her vision for nearly 15 years after the procedure.

Unfortunately it was a very costly process and I know how prohibitive that can be, I'm not sure if its because we went out of state for treatment or if Medicare just didn't cover the operation in general though.

Somebody tried to use my CC to buy a Playstation. Gggrrr!!!!
Unbelievable how crass some people can be! They should have at least bought a Nintendo! :LOL:
Seriously though that's a massive pain, hopefully its just the one card that fell into the wrong hands and you don't have to scramble to secure all your accounts.
I'm assuming when you said "tried to use" that means the card issuer caught it and blocked the transaction or did you have to call them after you saw the charge on your statement?
Hi @HostToast fortunately the CC co caught it and declined the purchase but of course they still have to shut down the card and reissue a new one. Somebody had to have sold my CC (and it's not one i use for pharmacy purchases) because it's still safe and sound in my wallet. At least the fraud didn't actually go through, just a pain.
in northern California we are in the middle of a late-season heat wave in early October. The heat is oppressive and makes me lethargic and miserable. We have no air conditioning. Getting things done seems impossible in 100 degree Fahrenheit.
Returning home from holiday. Just had a week in my favourite place. Driving back home is a long drive and so depressing when i get back to my home town and it's all so gloomy. :( Next year, hopefully, i'll be living in the place i holiday *fingers and toes crossed*
Such sad news. RIP Matthew Perry. Thank you for being such a funny, witty, charming, and always entertaining Friend. 💔

Not so much a frown, more like dismay. What is going on with this crazy world???

If you see my post on "What Made You Smile Today", well, to follow that up: just moments ago, I spilled my whole 8 oz drink on my desk, keyboard, everything....!!! This happens EVERY SINGLE TIME I get a new keyboard. I'm so jinxed! :mad::LOL:
But boy did I ever move fast to clean everything up!
Keyboard is dry, desk is cleaned...man was it ever dusty. I guess I needed a reason to take everything off and give it a thorough wash down. I certainly got it. :devilish:
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