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Went to the doctor today and I explained to him what a panic attack feels like. I know what meds stop this condition in it tracks; and so does he. But it has become almost taboo for a doctor to prescribe this class of meds. So needless to say I came home with no hope for relief again. I'm checking some other options out and perhaps I can get some alt ideas on this forum. Yall wish me luck my life sucks right now.
I have. Several different ones in the non controlled category. It usually ends up with me going to the ER. They are pretty understanding and give me something that works. But I'm really starting to feel like they are tired of seeing me for something that is not life threatening; although I feel like I'm having a heart attack when I have them. I'm doing some reading on this site and looks like I'm not just gonna find an easy remedy here. Researching and getting to know people takes time obviously. Thank you for responding, it helps.
@flyn9911 Was your Dr’s appointment with a psychiatrist or primary care? It seems to be difficult to get any type of script. But it’s crazy you end up going to ER, for something you could be treated for thru a drs office.

I get a prescription for my headache medicine & my neurologist gives me a quantity of 27. No refills
I've seen both my primary care and just saw a psyc for the first time. He wants to try the "non controlled" meds first. I've already been that route and none of them really worked. He said after after a few months he'd consider prescribing me something but... he wants my money it sounds like but...
Thanks I appreciate it. He seems like a good doc just trying to cover his own ass. I get it. In my state they vracked down pretty hard on practitioners. A friend of mine is a PA and I asked him what he would do if I came to him needing relief and he said I'd Def have to see him for awhile before he'd do anything with controled... Taking it one day at a time as they say right now, so..
I turn 50 this year myself. The number of things that hurt when I do them is reaching 50 as well. I hurt my back turning over in bed. Fml. 10 years ago I ran 5 miles 3 days a week and could bench press twice my body weight. Which was under 8 % body fat. Yea 40-50 has been rough. Now I have to make it to 60. Frrrooooŵwwnn
@cajunbulldog I feel you buddy. Mine passed away almost 4yrs ago. I haven't even looked or went out. @flyn9911 I hurt my back catching a car door that was shutting and it's messed me up. I wasn't ready to turn 50, my body feels it, but mind mind doesn't.
Although I have always spoke my mind for better or worse and I know some people don't know how to take me. I'm a good person , I'm just being myself. Honesty is always the best in my OP. @Delta L1011 hope you are well bud. 🙏
Watching a horrific documentary on HBO. Some of these are just depraved. Ugh
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