What Made You Frown Today?

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@cajunbulldog , yuck I hate paying bills and I really need to do it today. Alimony is only good if you are the one receiving it!

@Katey , thinking about you today as you have your surgery. Let us know if you wanna share more. I recently had eye surgery which was the pits for many reasons. But the surgery worked.
@Blackbird123 Thank you for the well wishes. They tried to put a stent in my left kidney but there’s so much scar tissue built up they couldn’t get it in. It’s only functioning at 10%, and it’s painful so they may just remove the kidney. Thank God we have two of them. Thank you so much for asking about me - you take care.
Finding out that are lead at work is returning from working at the union and that she will be back on Monday. I been at my job 12 years and the past year she has been gone has been the best year so far.

Unfortunately she will be back on Monday and the complaining, never happy always upset thing will be back to drag us all down and bring misery to us all. Will be using FMLA for a week to mentally prepare myself for her nagging self.
Not being here for 80 days cannot believe its been that long...what withhaving covid flu or whatever we all it these days, I felt awful before christmas and other thing s and before you know it my senior status lapsed...so hopefully willl be back to senior soon ..oh and echo previous post ..have posted on the dedicated feed
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