What made you smile today?

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My husband bringing Tea and toast and listening to Graham Norton and Maria on the radio. Ido like the advice they give to their listeners.

@biglil54 Awww, that's very sweet of your husband :love:

I do like Graham Norton. I didn't know he had a show on the radio though. He's certainly a busy man. I had to google Maria because I didn't know who she was and I saw where some people were asking if Graham was married to her. Er, I don't think so....:LOL:
Had a lovely cup of coffee with my wife of 43 years. We are getting along well after realizing we need to give each other a ton of space, as we are both introverts and need "alone time" to recharge. Also, I slept really well, and got a "93" on my Sleep Score Tracker App, my best sleep score ever. Getting to bed super early helps, as well as not eating 4 hours before retiring.
I had a really delicious tasting cup of coffee with Cinnabon creamer; I love those rare times a cup tastes extra good! :coffee:
Hey @CannabiNoid420 , love the name, and am also "interested" in the subject of live cultures, but always seem to get myself in trouble since I got demoted from the Sr section!

I dont want to break the rules again, and maybe need to wait till Im allowed back in?
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