What was the latest MOVIE you watched?

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I watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High for the first time ever. How they cast full-grown adults to play 14-18 year olds made me :ROFLMAO:
Great movie though!
latest movie I watched once upon a time in hollywood ...so many classic scenes ...but one in particular with brad pitt character confronting bruce Lee so good ...quentin tarantino master filmmaker
the_positively_true_adventures_of_the_alleged_texas_cheerleader_murdering_mom_tv-288042128-large.jpgThe Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom (1993)
Wanda Holloway tries to hire a hitman (through her ex's brother) to kill either or both a cheerleader and her mother. With the intended victims out of the way, Wanda's daughter gets the chance to become a cheerleader. When the media get hold of the story, Wanda's trial turns into a media circus.

MV5BNTRlYjRiNzUtOTYwYS00Njk1LWE0NWEtNjBmYzYzNWY0N2FiXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjU0NTI0Nw@@.jpgCorps à corps aka Body to Body aka Body Snatch (2003)
Laura Bartelli is a stripper in a French bar. She retires after a moody landscape architect named Marco Tisserand asks her to abandon her life and share his. However, after her red Volkswagen runs off the road en route to the rendezvous, she ends up scarred and comatose in a hospital. Marco stays at her bedside. After some months, she awakens in a world of silence and gradually begins her new life with Marco, which is filled with affection and tenderness. She begins to love herself as much as she loves Marco. They have a son, Jeannot. Laura's deafness is more an irritation than an impediment and six years pass in family harmony. However, when Jeannot displays an unusual dysfunction at school, she goes to see a psychologist in Lyon, and shows a photograph of her son with his father. The psychologist recognizes Marco as a former university student colleague and tells her that he is a doctor a doctor with a past and even darker intentions for her and their child.
I rewatched 6 Souls early, I forgot how good that movie was. I also watched The Visit yesterday. That's on MAX and it's frigging 🤪 crazy!
I just watched Saltburn with zero warnings. I liked it apart from the Holy Shit moments. Barry Keoghan is phenomenally
talented and fearless.
I rewatched 6 Souls early, I forgot how good that movie was. I also watched The Visit yesterday. That's on MAX and it's frigging 🤪 crazy!
I can't access Max in my area. Can you give me a synopsis of THE VISIT please. There are a few movies with the same name. I would like to be able to find on a streaming site so I need to know the year of the movie and what it is about to do a search. Thanks in advance.
I watched "The Homesman" yesterday and liked it a lot. A western with Hilary Swank and Tommy Lee Jones about some Nebraska Territory homesteaders and their triip to Iowa. It was on Prime.
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