When WU bans you this is what you have to fill out to maybe get your account back.

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to hell with both wu and mg, simply patronize iop's which take bitcoin. As a last resort, send cash or money orders

Word! I learned BC as quickly as I could (after I got over my fear factor) and kept reading to try to stay even safer. Like most of us I started at CB but learned that you shouldn't send direct to the vendor, so then I read and read about wallets. Been doing that but I know there is still a lot to learn.

@Zenak regarding gift cards - I think it depends where it is going. For example during the holidays I would love to give some gift cards as I can buy them with my credit card points. But I later found out that many people need cash, and they would sell their gift card but take a loss. That may play a factor in who takes them and where they are.
I had a transaction (for BTC) blocked by Moneygram a few years ago, do I even dare try it again? Don’t want to try if I’ll just get blocked again, anyway to tell if it’s a permanent ban on me or if it was just the transaction?
My understanding is that its a permanent ban. At least thats what I was told when wu blocked my transfer. No way will I fill out that invasive form they sent me. Most places take crypto so why bother with wu or mg?
I prefer crypto, but still use a couple of vendors who still use WU and MG, at least until I’m permabanned from both I guess
I got banned from both WU and MG for sending too many transfers--twice a month for less than $500 each--to my daughter. She was going to college in another state. She had fraud on her first checking account and couldn't open another bank account so using those two were the easiest way for us to get her money.

It was really the push we needed to take the time to unwind her checking account that was closed due to no fault of hers but it was reflecting on her. So, got that cleared and thank god--we have saved so much money using things like zelle. But it was funny just because I know so many people who used them for SY sending! I was like " It's my kids student loan funds I send to her!"
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