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Acetaminophen Isn't the Most Effective Pain Killer

Although I have never had side effects from taking acetaminophen, this drug will never be my first choice as an OTC pain reliever. At best, acetaminophen is helpful for mild aches and pains, and can be rotated if I'm taking an NSAID. Beyond that, I think acetaminophen is a highly dangerous drug.

I took acetaminophen more back in the day - when the drug was heavily marketed in the US for adults. It was a big hit, and all the physicians I knew (I was in the medical field) highly recommended the drug. I think that for very mild pain issues acetaminophen is better than nothing, but I would prefer to have Ibuprofen or an aspirin.

I suffer with arthritis, and my doctor has suggested Tylenol for arthritis. I bought the generic version and I have to say the dose of two of these acetaminophen pills makes me nervous. I know acetaminophen was originally marketed as easier on the gut than aspirin, but I know how deadly too much of this drug can be. I've seen overdoses in both adults and children (accidental and otherwise). Acetaminophen is not a drug you want to play with. The effects on your liver are not pretty and extremely fatal.

With the variety of choices available in OTC pain relievers, acetaminophen is my last choice. It's not effective for my pain, and this medication has no anti-inflammatory properties which are crucial for my arthritis.

I've had no side effects taking acetaminophen.

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