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Happy Customer AUS

Ok. So I have been using this site for over 3 years now and I thought I would finally write a review it only seemed fair.

First of all I'm in Australia, so you can forget express shipping as it is only going to make about a 1 week difference and not really worth spending the extra money on. Delivery time to AUS is about the same as eBay items from china (min 3 weeks), so budget on about a month to be safe. Mail is posted from India and routed via Singapore for delivery into Oz.
To avoid customs issues large orders are packed into a number of smaller packages and sent out at different dates, so don't worry if they arrived about a week apart.
Out of about the 6 or 7 times I have ordered from the site I have had one problem with not receiving the delivery on time, but to be fair I ordered it in December and it took about 2 months.

As for the quality, I have every only ordered generic Propecia (Finasteride) for mens hair regrowth and only have good things to say. Pills are machine packed with clear batch & expiry dates printed on the back with good shelf lives. Also I has the production factory website and address printed on the back as well.

They say they take all credit cards (VISA / Master / AMEX), but only the Visa will work. Not to sure what is going on there.

It is worth noting (in case you hear something) the site had an issue a while back with being accidentally recognized as a scam site with a whole bunch of other no legit online stores. As a result they had there domain name suspended for about a month while they were protesting there innocence and got it reinstated.
Shame really, as it comes as a blemish on what I see as a perfect track record.


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